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By: Y. Vasco, M.A., M.D., Ph.D.

Vice Chair, University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

That expense is evidenced by the budget of our court systems allergy treatment bioallers purchase allegra 120mg fast delivery, the department of corrections allergy asthma and sinus center purchase 180mg allegra visa, and the law enforcement agencies allergy medicine for eyes allegra 180mg on line, as well as the cost of stolen property and the increased insurance premiums to pay for replacing it allergy treatment for pollen buy allegra 120mg cheap. It grieves me when I think of how much I would rather have those folks in a university than a penitentiary. Maybe if we had been more diligent in their growing up with education programs that appeal to them, community mentoring programs to give them examples of proper adult behavior, and the simple encouragement to believe that Huckabee 47 their lives could be better at the finish line than they were at the start, things could be different. Most of all, if we had focused on policies to help create stable families and strong fathers, we would have much less of a prison problem. The kind of society we live in is determined by the daily decisions we make when doing the right thing is not easy or expedient. And whether you are driving through an intersection, standing before a classroom, or running for office, character is the issue. We must also reduce the number of crimes on the books, reduce the number of crimes punishable by prison, and undertake other reforms. We spend an exorbitant amount of money on a system that does not work and then argue that we lack the funds to make it cheaper and more efficient. When people are convicted and sent away, they are out of the public eye, so we forget about them until they are released. Then we brand them, refuse to hire them, and are shocked when they are arrested and end up in prison again. Liberals seemed only interested in the criminals and how they are treated; conservatives were viewed as interested only in punishing wrongdoers. Liberals and conservatives are at long last beginning to work together in support of measures to improve a system that is not only failing in its mission, but is actually making the problem it is intended to fix worse. A wave of legislative reforms adopted in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, and other states have resulted from bipartisan cooperation that would have been impossible even a decade ago. The criminal justice system - the web of laws regulating conduct in a free society and the enforcement of those laws - exists to maximize the ability of citizens to live without fear. Punishing lawbreakers in the most humane and cost effective ways possible is a means to that end. Of course, we need to imprison some wrongdoers lest they harm their fellow citizens, but a well-run society locks away only those who need to be kept off the streets - lest the innocent get caught up in the system. Once caught, those arrested, convicted, and incarcerated should be treated humanely and prepared to return to communities as responsible and productive citizens. While we condemn the public stocks erected in the village square, we tolerate more than 4,500 federal offenses on the books along with thousands of state statutes that allow us to arrest, prosecute, and lock up anyone who runs afoul of them. Something is fundamentally wrong with a criminal justice system that imprisons millions of men, women, and even children for more crimes than any of us can imagine or count, subjects them to terrible conditions in overcrowded prisons that tend to harden them for far longer than necessary, and creates barriers that minimize their chances of succeeding once outside. The system has mushroomed over the years and no one remembers why or how this happened. Prosecutors prosper by "throwing the book" at lawbreakers who might benefit from alternative treatment. And legislators show just how tough they are by criminalizing more activities that had previously been merely frowned upon. Rather, they were using deadly force to enforce laws designed to raise money for the city. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known and less fixed. Too many criminal justice system actors forget that their primary mission is not to put people in jail, but to see justice done. My Right on Crime colleague and former Prison Fellowship director, Pat Nolan, has often stated that we need to stop locking people up who simply 52 Solutions do not need to be locked up. Ideology and good intentions, rather than a true understanding of what works and what does not, has guided and poisoned political discussions of criminal justice. In the 1970s, when crime and violence were escalating, some liberal judges blamed crime on societal shortcomings rather than the criminals themselves.

The stress and suffering interviewees charged with drug possession endured in detention simply because of their low-income status is unfair allergy symptoms mimic flu purchase 120 mg allegra amex, unnecessary allergy forecast flint mi discount 120mg allegra otc, and inconsistent with human rights allergy shots swelling at injection site allegra 180mg low cost. In practice allergy testing at home kit cheap 120 mg allegra visa, however, jury trials are exceedingly rare, with the majority of defendants at the state and federal levels-across all categories of crime- resolving their cases through guilty pleas. Most judges accept the guilty plea and impose that sentence, to speed along the docket. Although it does not admit guilt, a nolo contendere plea has the same result-normally a conviction- as a guilty plea. Human Rights Watch analysis of Florida Office of the State Courts Administrator Offender Based Transaction System data. For them, the idea of a trial was more of a threat than a right, often because it meant further pretrial incarceration until trial and/or a "trial penalty" in the form of a substantially longer sentence if they exercised that right and lost. Part of the problem is that the criminal justice system is overburdened, which means not only that prosecutors and judges are busy, but also that public defenders-who are often substantially underfunded-do not have sufficient time and resources to devote to each case,226 disparately impacting poor defendants, who make up the majority of those charged with drug possession. So long as dockets remain as crowded as they are today, there will be a powerful incentive for prosecutors to secure pleas in as many cases as possible-including by strong-arm means. Judges will campaign on efficiency [and] in order to do that, to say "I have the smallest docket of all judges," they force the prosecutors to 225 Human Rights Watch analysis of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services data. Gross, "Gideon at 50: A Three-Part Examination of Indigent Defense in America, Part I: Rationing Justice: the Underfunding of Assigned Counsel Systems," National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, March 2013. Defendants in theory also benefit because they receive a discount off the sentence they would have received if they lost at trial. For example, from September 2010 through January 2016, Texas courts disposed of 893,439 drug cases (misdemeanors and felonies). Of all these drug cases, 78 percent (almost 700,000 cases) were for simple possession. Three quarters of all misdemeanor drug cases in the state were for marijuana possession only. In other words, there were approximately 371,000 marijuana possession cases prosecuted and disposed of in a little over five years. However, sometimes the final sentence may be better but remains disproportionately severe for the offense of simple possession. They knew they had to answer "no" to have their plea accepted, but said it was precisely a combination of coercion, threats, and promises that led them to plead. Oscar Washington told us, "I remember everything of what the judge said [in] the plea [colloquy]. I felt like my back was against the wall, like the judge had me by the neck when he said, `Did anyone force you to take this plea In several jurisdictions, defense attorneys told us that prosecutors would sometimes make an "exploding offer"-a plea deal that was available only if the defendant took it immediately, sometimes the first time the person appeared in court. In other cases, the offer would be off the table if the defendant filed any pretrial motions, for example a motion to suppress. In Dallas, defense attorneys said plea offers were good only until grand jury indictment, which is the formal charging document. At the time he pled, he said he had not seen the evidence against him; it was his first day in court, when the charges are read against a defendant. Pleading to Get Out of Jail For drug possession defendants with little to no criminal history, or in relatively minor cases, prosecutors in each state we visited often made offers of probation or relatively short incarceration terms. A short sentence may effectively mean "time served," since defendants usually get credit against their sentence for time spent in pretrial detention. Numerous defendants recounted being faced with a choice: fight the case and stay in jail, or take a conviction and walk out the door with their family. Human Rights Watch interviews with David Ross (pseudonym), Shreveport, February 9, 2016, and defense attorney, Shreveport, February 9, 2016. We came across several similar cases in our interviews, raising concerns that there may be a trend of prosecutors "up-charging" possession cases to distribution as a scare tactic, as examined previously.


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I am convinced that the most appropriate way to conduct this examination is through a Presidential commission allergy medicine can i give my dog cheap 120 mg allegra free shipping, tasked to bring forth specific findings and recommendations for Congress to consider and allergy testing louisville ky generic allegra 120 mg overnight delivery, where appropriate allergy shots vs. sinus surgery generic allegra 120 mg without a prescription, enact allergy forecast granbury tx purchase allegra overnight. We need a holistic plan to identify and solve the entire range of problems plaguing our system, from point of apprehension to sentencing, prison administration, and reentry programs for those who wish to become full, participating members of our society. The "elephant in the bedroom" in many discussions about the justice system is the sharp increase in drug-related incarceration over the past three decades. Yet locking up more of these offenders has done nothing to break up the power of the multibillion-dollar illegal drug trade. Nor has it brought about a reduction in the amounts of the more dangerous drugs - such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines - that are reaching our citizens. Justice statistics also show that about half of all the drug arrests in our country were for marijuana offenses. Additionally, nearly half of the people in state prisons are serving time for a nonviolent or drug offense. And although experts have found little statistical difference among racial groups regarding actual drug use, African Americans - who make up about 13 percent of the total U. We need to consider the types of Webb 119 courts drug offenders go into - drug courts, as opposed to regular courts - how long you sentence them, and how you get them ready to return home. We must treat the people who need to be treated and incarcerate the people who need to be incarcerated. While heavily focused on nonviolent offenders, law enforcement has been distracted from pursuing more serious and violent crimes. While I was Senator, following more than two years of hearings, conferences, and meetings, I introduced the National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009 which would have paved the way toward systemic reform. Despite the energy behind this legislation, and despite gaining a strong, 57-vote majority, it was filibustered in the Senate, causing even the National Review to lament the "insanity" of the Republican failure to allow the bill to pass through Congress. We lost the legislation, but we did win the war of bringing the issue of criminal justice reform out of the political shadows. Six years after the introduction of this bill, bipartisan support for criminal justice reform has only increased. Last year, Congress created the "Chuck Colson Task Force" to alleviate overcrowding in federal prisons. Now is the time to revive the push for a national commission to address the overall issue of mass incarceration. Only an independent, outside commission focusing on the larger national problem of mass incarceration can bring us complete findings necessary to restructure the criminal justice system in the United States. The Majority Leaders and Minority Leaders of both houses of Congress would appoint two members each, in consultation with their respective congressional judiciary committees. The Republican and Democratic Governors Associations would each nominate one member. This commission would bring together a group of federal, state, and local experts with credibility and with wide experience to examine specific findings and to come up with bold, systemic policy recommendations. These issues need to be examined carefully and comprehensively by a group of people who are going to do more than sit around and simply Webb 121 remonstrate about the problem. The first step for the commission would be to give us factual findings, and then from those findings, give us recommendations for policy changes. The recommendations would address the same issues above: how we can refocus our incarceration policies; how we can work toward properly reducing the incarceration rate in safe, fair, and cost-effective ways that still protect our communities; how we should address the issue of prison violence in all forms; how we can improve prison administration; how we can establish meaningful reentry programs. Though I leave it to the commission to decide what recommendations are best for this country, I believe they should include graduated sanctions for individuals on probation and parole, work-release programs, education opportunities, the introduction of risk assessment tools for prisoners preparing to reenter society, fewer arrests, and shorter sentences for nonviolent drug users. Without question, it is in the national interest that we bring violent offenders and career criminals to justice. I do not suggest that we let dangerous or incorrigible people go free, simply that we determine how best to structure our criminal justice system so that it is fair, appropriate and - above all - effective.