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By: M. Grim, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Professor, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo

Educational Initiatives the extensive data reviewed in Chapter 2 highlighted the limited knowledge that members of the general public medicine song 2015 order dulcolax with a mastercard, particularly adolescents and young adults medications zocor order dulcolax with mastercard, have about e-cigarettes and their potential for nicotine addiction and other adverse health consequences symptoms quiz buy dulcolax 5mg with visa. Implications for Health Care Practice Although the issues are not well documented medications used to treat fibromyalgia order 5mg dulcolax fast delivery, health care practitioners face questions about e-cigarettes from their patients and their communities, including what are the risks of using e-cigarettes, how do these risks compare with those of cigarettes or other combustible products, and is e-cigarette use an effective way to quit smoking? Clinicians need to respond to these questions and guide their patients in the context of considerable uncertainty. At this time, practitioners can turn to the various statements from medical organizations, which generally urge caution regarding e-cigarettes and do not find the evidence to be supportive of their use for cessation or for formal harm-reduction strategies (Table 5. In fact, any recommendation to use e-cigarettes for the cessation of smoking is not supported by the bulk of the available scientific evidence (Hartmann-Boyce et al. Both the American Association of Cancer Research and the American Society of Clinical Oncology recommend against advising the use of e-cigarettes for cessation (Brandon et al. Preventive Services Task Force found that there is insufficient evidence that e-cigarettes are an effective smoking cessation tool in adults, including pregnant women (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 2015). However, research on e-cigarettes in relation to this set of venues is lacking and urgently needed. Positions of professional organizations Organizational Organization position on cessation American Academy of Pediatrics (2015b) - Organizational position on harm "Concentrated nicotine solution for electronic nicotine delivery systems should be sold in child-resistant containers with amounts limited to that which would not be lethal to a young child if ingested. Any promotional activities that can be accessed by children and/or adolescents should be considered promoting to children. Until government agencies institute these prohibitions, media companies, entertainment companies, sports teams, and promoters should voluntarily institute these prohibitions. Clinical and carcinogenic and/or to "Oncologists would Oncology cause respiratory and heart be wise to refrain (2015) distress have been identified in from recommending (continues e-cigarettes. It is unclear what effects these toxicants might have on e-cigarette users after chronic and frequent use. Nicotine is an addictive chemical, adversely affects maternal and fetal health during pregnancy, has adverse consequences for fetal brain development, and may adversely affect the adolescent brain. It is unclear what effect nicotine intake via e-cigarettes has on health or on the addictiveness of these products. Where risks are known, the consumer should be informed of those risks in clear and direct language. Where data regarding risk is [sic] unavailable or inconclusive, the consumer should be informed of the lack of reliable safety testing data. Based on evidence, the larger the pictorial health warnings are, the more effective they are. The aerosol (incorrectly called vapor) contains nicotine, hazardous ultrafine particles that lodge deeply in the lungs. For this reason, it is appropriate to adopt a restrictive approach to advertising electronic cigarettes and refill containers. E-Cigarette Policy and Practice Implications 223 A Report of the Surgeon General Case Studies Case studies in California and North Dakota demonstrate how e-cigarette policies have been enacted at the local and state levels, and they provide potential models of how cities, counties, and other states might address e-cigarettes in their jurisdictions. City of Hayward Takes Bold Steps to Address Tobacco Products Aimed at Kids In response to the "D" grade that the city of Hayward received in 2011 from the American Lung Association in California for its efforts to protect youth from tobacco sales, the city council directed its staff to develop regulations to address the problem of youth tobacco sales. The following month, the moratorium was extended another 15 months to provide more time to research and consider the issue (City of Hayward 2014). On July 1, 2014, the Hayward city council unanimously adopted an ordinance that requires sellers of tobacco products and "electronic smoking devices" to obtain annually a $400 tobacco retailer license that covers the cost of an annual inspection for compliance with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial tobacco control laws. It also prohibits new hookah lounges or vaping lounges from opening within the city. The ordinance also contains provisions to prohibit self-service displays of tobacco products and e-cigarettes and to regulate the sales of cigars, flavored products, and imitation tobacco products. Cigars selling for less than $5 each are required to be sold in pack sizes of five or more, and the sale of flavored traditional tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and imitation tobacco products. Penalties range from $1, 500 for a first violation and possible suspension to a complete revocation of a license after three violations within a 3-year period (City of Hayward 2014; n. Throughout the process, Hayward officials and staff relied heavily on materials from the American Lung Association, the Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing, and ChangeLab Solutions to provide the public health and legal rationale for supporting the provisions.

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J A/Ethel Mullikin Clifford M/Kathleen M Winslow James/Helen Lucas Russell H/Mary L McCorkhil John B Sr/Texie E Finley Marr Date 7/11/42 12/16/39 8/14/22 09/16/1915 11/10/45 3/22/45 08/29/1917 06/19/55 1/22/37 02/26/1910 05/02/1916 12/23/51 11/23/40 3/18/22 12/17/58 10/12/51 06/09/51 3/18/44 11/9/40 11/01/58 06/14/48 06/05/1920 03/22/51 09/14/52 03/24/1920 11/8/36 11/27/30 12/23/34 10/25/1911 08/20/55 12/07/1911 6/25/33 10/1/27 02/05/51 9/21/45 11/19/60 07/19/47 30 596 30 291 16 262 38 509 25 500 12 548 15 459 36 149 27 492 18 263 42 397 36 069 35 546 29 514 27 481 42 343 33 236 17 329 35 435 36 492 17 263 25 416 22 374 24 279 13 402 38 630 13 426 23 419 21 080 35 367 30 515 43 607 32 391 Bk/Pg 28 462 27 209 18 381 15 293 Monroe County Marriage Records Index treatment zoster dulcolax 5mg visa, 1906-1960 Bride Name Foddrill Wanda Batman Emma Loretta Califf Dorothy G Penrod Bernice Ethelyn Varntz Dorothea Crouch Marilyn Sue Mitchell Lillian McGlothlin Virginia lee Stewart Wilma Ennor Mona Osman Marjorie B Krutsinger Paula J Cain Joyce Marilyn Hehe Marie Trueblood Betty L Minks Louise Mull Katie M Deckard Nancy Ann Campbell Lucille Mae Fultz Martha Lou Meadows Louise Gross Rachel Alice Hostetler Edna Pauline Fliess Claire Brault Iris Colleen Ritter Myrtle Lewis Alta M Vibbart Jean Neal Ola Smith Harriette Frances Mitchell Georgianna Alice Sinn Elsie O Quinlin Anna Inman Ruby Osborn Donna Gene Vaught Geneva Bride B/D 4/13/17 11/01/1889 2/20/18 12/25/08 7/17/02 02/21/33 12/23/15 12/19/22 11/26/15 4/24/06 7/20/22 12/27/31 04/26/37 11/11/20 1/24/25 3/12/11 01/16/1877 03/12/93 7/5/10 05/02/22 Bride Parents James/Dorothy King Ira Coleman/Mary Theresa Waldrow J Albert/Greta Runyon George/Anna Ferguson Lon/Florence Cobb Lester/Dola Hays George L/Kathryn Sutherland Claude/Clyde Smith William/Minnie Wolford Chester/Marjory Frank Bernardi/Mary Schlensku O C/Emma Worrell Clarence/Mary Clark John/Ella McAllister John/Mattie Cherry Charles/Ethel John Meadows/Lizzie Kiser Charlie Axsom/Nancy Jane Hall Hiram/Elizabeth Lanam Eramus D Schoolcraft/Nancy E McKee Groom Name Riley Lowell Mason Riley Maurice Charles Riley N Allen Rinehart Wilmer Toney Riner Chester Ring Eugene Edwin Rinne Harold E Rinnert Henry W Ripple Carl Risley Joe Rissler Kenneth L Ritchie J Robert Rittenhouse Charles W Jr Ritter Arthur Ritter Charles Daniel Ritter Charles T Ritter Cordia Ritter Cordie N Ritter Isaac Ritter Joe Ritter John Ritter John W Ritter Kenneth Ritter Lawrence S Ritter Ross Eugene Ritter Theodore Ritter Thomas E Ritter Virgil Ritter William Ritz Gale Rivlin Lewis Allen Roach Henry Ralph Roach Joe Roach La Vern Roach Willis Edward Robards Charles W Page 404 Groom B/D 9/5/13 10/31/1889 8/15/15 8/10/07 6/24/01 10/10/28 1/23/15 9/29/21 4/10/11 12/7/09 11/9/20 10/04/19 02/05/36 2/4/18 6/30/22 9/6/15 02/27/1895 02/27/93 3/12/09 09/05/21 Groom Parents James/Nellie Shelton William/Mary Francis Hackett Lee W/Irene Fleischer Josiah/Almeeta Toney James D/Flora Martin John/Sophia Przybylski John/Dora Schmitt not given/Caroline Kraase? George/Mary Louise Hamilton Arthur/Nellie M Charles/lda Frakes Walter R/Edith Trinkle Charles W Sr/Bessie Layman Jim/May Norman Henry R/Hazel L Owens Ben/Susie Fender Cornelius A/Mary J Livingston Cornelius/Mary J Lengsten? Ben/Susie Fender Ben/Susan Fender Marr Date 7/20/35 10/30/1919 6/21/41 1/29/30 7/29/39 06/18/51 4/12/46 7/21/45 8/7/37 1/26/31 11/9/45 10/18/52 03/17/54 8/23/39 7/14/41 3/3/34 12/15/1913 12/14/50 2/28/29 04/14/49 Bk/Pg 24 505 17 152 28 052 22 159 27 083 35 550 31 247 30 431 26 081 22 411 30 594 36 534 37 597 27 105 28 083 24 041 14 415 35 291 21 490 34 061 5/26/02 Charles/Louise Anders 01/28/1858 William H Livingston/Dartha Jane Cooper 8/23/17 Ben/Eva McGlothlin 9/22/23 Siegfreid/Lillian Pollock 07/04/37 Germinal Eugene/Alma Edith Lester J B (Buck) Branam/Etta Fulford James M/Elizabeth Conway Floyd/Ruie Shaw William J/Fannie J Golden Harry S/Charlotte Jane Allen Allan Charles Gray/Georgianna Peck Foles 01/05/06 Isaac Harding/Julia Hampton 12/2/05 Gilbert/Nancy Sandage 8/11/17 Cleve/Vietta Akers 11/7/25 Keith Marshall/Ada Fern Scott 03/16/1880 Bowen/Mary E Underwood 10/2/04 02/12/1893 08/12/31 6/15/99 03/08/09 03/04/31 11/27/04 Ben/Susan Fender 11/14/1845 Henry/Mary Naylor Cordie/Kate Meadows Irving/Bella Gerwetz Kenneth Edward/Edna Pauline Hostettler 9/17/87 Charles/Emma Rone 03/18/1888 Jos W/Jane Burch 05/23/29 Isaac/Lucille Campbell 5/11/00 Ben/Susan Fender 11/08/99 S F/Elsie Mae Metham 10/15/29 Benjamin/Lena Levy 05/18/01 3/31/09 3/22/14 06/25/24 08/17/1872 Henry C/Rosie A Ballance John/Delia Ward Clarence/Chauncey Thomas Lacy Edward/Emma Erna Mundt A M/Sarah A Gentry 5/19/15 5/23/22 12/09/32 21 135 11/26/27 11/20/1913 14 400 12/8/34 6/29/42 01/17/57 12/8/39 02/24/1911 09/16/49 11/20/26 12/21/47 06/28/55 11/28/53 6/4/32 2/28/36 12/21/47 09/02/1907 24 270 28 451 40 076 27 200 13 229 34 286 20 391 33 013 38 549 37 455 23 167 25 141 33 003 11 564 Monroe County Marriage Records Index medications hair loss buy dulcolax cheap online, 1906-1960 Bride Name Wright Anne Jo Sparks Georgia L Skirvin Gladys Clark Nellie Mae Springer Hilda Baxter Mary Ellen Laughhunn Joy Conard Marie Hesler Delores Wooten Dorothy M Shank Mary Edith Downes Ruth Bowlen Barbara Joan Richardson Ellen L Austraw Florence Lucille Burkett Callie M Lewis Anna B Bullock Esther Cox Mildred Eavey Joanna Phillips Esther Brown Ruth Eloise Skirvin Lucy Blackwell Ruth Conner Mary Unadelle Norman Kathryn Stutsman Helen L Cox Susie Mae Flynn Mildred Gavrilovich Persila Lippman Joyce Faith Grubbs Helen Anderson Epsie Marie Suddarth Nella Agnes Goodwin Dorothy Smoot Muriel Bastin Mary Starbuck Lurena Brough Ollie Bride B/D 4/5/26 04/10/1890 6/28/18 11/10/22 1/31/95 07/15/24 12/13/32 11/20/19 01/23/31 02/28/31 5/11/02 11/2/26 02/13/39 07/04/37 11/30/32 02/19/1887 12/08/79 01/02/20 10/2/11 06/21/37 11/12/18 12/22/16 4/2/23 9/1/16 6/1/24 11/19/28 03/27/17 6/27/14 1/3/22 7/17/17 11/09/27 06/05/15 05/22/33 10/05/1893 10/27/29 01/04/35 12/25/19 2/27/15 4/5/98 Bride Parents Erwin Ernest/Gladys Mae Worstell Allen S/Nora Dupue Bert/Jessie Stevens Ambrose L/Ida M Brown Charles H/Ella Rawles Erwin Clyde Robbins/Hilda Springer Orval James/Rose Hartz Ray/Rosalie Poling William F/Shirley Allen Daniel J/Margaret Bunting Irvin/lra Welker Bert/Lula Peele? Ethel Smith/Sylvia Howe Earl Leon/Edith Galyan Stephen Lester/Ardice Lucille Werden Andrew/Nora E Kent W H/Matilda Bunger Glen/Mildred Smith Watson Ray/Elizabeth Pearl Wilson/Myrtle Truitt A W/Lillie Hodges Orville/Clara Winklepleck Bert/Jessie Stevens John/Jean Ira/Mary Alice Hawkins Fred/Lucile Crum Charles E Blackwell/Ada L Morris James/Lola Flynn Alva/Nora Ethel Jacobs Sveto/Rose Galenec Leo A/Bertha Idislemann? Everett Abbott/Cora Burton Stanley/Flora Ann Sexton William E/Lettie Shanks Erwin C/Ruth Hendricksen Sherman/Mae Sipes Frank/Grace Cates Rufus/Nellie Hudlin Robert/Kate Dunning Groom Name Robbins Charles Harry Robbins Claude A Robbins Clyde Robbins Donald Earl Robbins Erwin C Robbins Harold Page Robbins Henry S Robbins Thomas Ray Robbins William Kenneth Roberson John Lawlor Roberts Charles C Roberts Claude Felix Roberts Dale Edward Roberts Darrell D Roberts Edgar McCormick Jr Roberts Ernest Roberts Floyd D Roberts George Roberts George Roberts George J Roberts Glaness Roberts Glen George Roberts Harold E Roberts Herschel Roberts Howard W Roberts James A Roberts James E Roberts James R Roberts John Roberts John Maurice Roberts John Vance Roberts Kenneth Roberts Noble Leon Roberts Otis Wilson Roberts Paul Roberts Paul Roberts Raymond Roberts Raymond Roberts Robert Page 405 Groom Parents Charles/Mary Louise Leach J M/Anna Fry Claude/Georgia Sparks Erwin Clyde/Hilda Springer William H/Mary Louise Miller Lee/Pearl Cox Erwin Clyde/Hilda Springer Charles/Bessie Battie Richard E/Ruth E Harkis? Christopher/Susan Williams Joseph/Lydia M Hunt Bob/Olive Brough Noble/Alice Bowlen John Edward/Evelyn Pearson Edgar McCormick/Ruth Denise McCray 03/05/1888 William S/Amanda J Smith 03/03/84 Winfield T/Cora Reynolds 09/11/23 Walter Robert/Ella Marie Stafford 1/16/08 S T/Susan Butts 03/08/31 Joseph A/Wyoma Storm 5/2/12 Hiram/Dora Lawhun? Robert/Ollie Brough Sandy/Jane Baxter Thomas/Catherine Harris Duncan/Jesse Wright Andrew/Alice Axiom Mack/Stella Stretchberry Oscar/Emma Dewar Elmer/Hattie Johnson Oscar/Emma Dewar Elijah/Annice Nau John/Sreptua? Minks Agustus/Pauline Eggers Floyd S/Mary Neal Groom Name Robinson Kenneth E Robinson Leland Clyde Robinson Leonard Robinson Lloyd T Robinson Lonnie Robinson Lonnie E Robinson Lonnie E Robinson Lonnie Jr Robinson Marion Francis Robinson Otto Glen Robinson Paul R Robinson Phillip D Robinson Ray Robinson Raymond Elsworth Robinson Robert Robinson Robert Dale Robinson Robert N Robinson Ross Edward Robinson Sherman Robinson Thad Robinson Thad Robinson Thadist Robinson Thomas E Robinson Vint Robinson William J Robinson William M Robinson William M Robinson William M Robinson William Rex Robison Harry Robison John D Robison Munson Armstrong Robison Ralph R Robison Wayne Robison William M Roby Robert Roby Roy Rockwell Harry B Page 410 Groom B/D 03/03/31 12/14/06 5/8/24 7/13/18 11//1882 11/04/1881 11/04/1881 06/30/31 9/14/59 07/16/1897 12/13/19 1/17/24 8/23/00 07/12/36 09/11/28 10/27/26 10/2/16 4/23/16 06/18/1890 2/26/93 2/26/93 02/26/1892 10/15/61 09/10/1889 03/13/1890 08/28/1852 09/29/1882 12/2/12 06/22/1886 01/05/1890 2/22/19 04/11/1884 6/4/13 03/15/19 2/26/02 08/30/37 07/22/1894 09/30/1892 Groom Parents Lee/Katherine Darner James J/Sarah Ballenger Floyd/Ethel Lanam Forrest/Mary Evelyn Taylor John H/Emma Branam John H/Emma J Branam John H/Emma J Branam Lonnie E/Mary Jane Shipley James W/Martha Strens? F M/Nancy Branam Floyd/Ethel Lanam Lonnie/Mary Shipley George/Jane Ogborn Raymond/Edith Pierce Fred/Mary E McCannack Eugene/Inez Brown G K/Myrtle Fee Forest/Mary E Taylor Jack/Louisa Hacker W A/Ida F Bennett Wiley/Ida F Bennett Wylie A/Ida Bennett Hastin/Cynthia Gaskins Willis K/Lettie Kendrick Marion/Nancy Branam Young J/Nancy J Gaskins James/Martha E Stevens Melvin/Etta McKnight C T/Susa Pedigo Samuel/Mollie Cooper Walter J/Katherine L Steblein Alexander/Mary C Skirvin Jacob/Mabel Moser? Harry/Irene Jones John F/Minnie Belle Fitch Herschel/Katherne Marie Ritter Bernard/Eva Scott George W/Mary Elizabeth Sibert Marr Date 08/12/51 5/4/29 6/15/46 8/27/42 07/02/1905 03/06/1920 03/06/1920 03/10/51 9/15/32 05/10/1916 11/9/42 8/24/46 9/15/28 07/15/60 09/20/52 03/18/49 10/2/37 11/5/39 08/30/1908 3/21/42 9/5/21 12/06/1913 2/5/25 12/24/1910 10/05/1913 10/07/1908 02/09/1913 8/24/46 05/24/1920 02/01/1914 12/5/41 09/01/1907 1/1/44 06/24/50 12/23/23 05/04/56 01/09/1913 12/24/1915 Bk/Pg 35 626 21 538 31 379 28 513 11 054 17 253 17 253 35 417 23 234 15 461 28 598 31 511 21 347 43 425 36 501 34 030 26 142 27 180 12 200 28 333 18 104 14 408 19 502 13 188 14 361 12 228 14 194 31 507 17 311 14 459 28 210 11 562 29 438 35 015 19 161 39 322 14 158 15 369 Keith/Mary M Steinegewey Glenn/Christina Brown Carl/Nellie Coffey A C/Miriam Campbell Charles/Etta Fish Hezakiah Deckard/Rosetta Lutes John Taylor/Florence E Mitchell John/Julia Rucke John West/Elizabeth Hooper Henry M/Elizabeth F Johnson John/Mary F Wood George W/Mary Elizabeth Eller not given 11/7/20 Emery/Elizabeth Balog 06/05/1901 P J/Nan Black 08/08/1891 James/Malinda M McCoy 5/6/23 William E/Maybelle Johnston 09/21/1887 Charles C/Hattie Treadway Heazzie/Laura Busenbury George Blackwell/Anna Payne Marion/Lola Dell Dungallion Osborn Ambrose/Velva Cecil Pfaff George F/Mary J Wiggins Milton/Amanda Galyan 11/23/17 04/27/19 10/2/02 04/28/37 08/17/1894 08/20/1896 Monroe County Marriage Records Index medications via peg tube dulcolax 5 mg on line, 1906-1960 Bride Name Cline Anna M Lee Lydia Bruton Rebekah Mae Giffin Mae Hancock Lucy B May Mary Alta Vaughn Lillie A Herbin Ruth Hinkle Florence Shipwash Verna De Cello Zelfa M Johnston Bess Kathleen Hanners Dorothy M Blewett Bertha Woolery Laura Marie Huffman Marjorie Ann Hadden Emma A Brown Mary Jane Myers Bevis Fox Gladys Norine Voland Pauline Eads Dorothy Burke Clarinda Lee Clara Hudson Alice Marie Terrell Betty Louise Martin Elsie Alice Adams Rhoda Axiom Mary I Shepherd Theresa Leda Pennington Patsie Joan Crouch Mary Langley Janet Sue Elkins Rebecca Sue Engledow Anna May Fishel Flossie Duncan Pearl Agnes Bride B/D 12/15/1895 12/13/79 11/05/27 1/25/00 08/05/1887 2/6/17 04/24/1886 12/20/16 04/14/1891 02/04/25 Groom Name Rodgers Benjamin F Rodgers Marcus A Roepke Ray Franklin Rogers Alfred Rogers Alfred O Rogers Anderson Buddy Rogers Arney O Rogers Arthur Rogers B Frank Rogers Charles C Rogers Clarence Otto 02/17/1894 Homer Alfred/Debra Morgan Johnston Rogers Claude Wilson Bart F/Ethel Grubb A P/lda Sherfey Henry Alexander/Laura Ellen Burton I J/Catherine Skilling Walter/Lela Patton Richard S/Helen Peters Vern Twomey/Myrtle McCullough William/Amilia Edward L/Hazel Allander Oscar/Mary Deckard James/Emma McDaniel George Montgomery/Lena Scott Joe/Cecile Ann Turpin Rogers Clovis W Rogers Dale Rogers Donald Acquilla Rogers Earl E Rogers Eddie Roy Rogers Ellis Rogers Elmer C Rogers Ernest Earle Rogers Floyd Rogers Forest Rogers Frank H Rogers Fred Rogers George Willis Rogers Gerald L Rogers Harold Julian Rogers Henry E Rogers James Rogers James Everett Rogers Jerry Lee Rogers John Rogers John William Rogers Johnny Duane Rogers Lawrence A Rogers Lawrence C Rogers Leonadis Franklin Page 411 Bride Parents George P/Minnie J Armstrong Henry Sparks/Amelia Whitson Elbert J/Maybelle West J W/Cora LaFollette Elijah/India M Shields Maley/Martha J Wilkinsen? William/Lucy Deckard Sherman/Eva Helms James M/Lydia A Story Harry/Jennie Brinegar Groom B/D 04/25/1890 10/14/73 02/16/27 1/21/01 10/10/1883 7/19/04 02/17/1891 4/2/07 08/18/1880 04/19/26 Groom Parents James H/Melinda J Secrest J David/Agnes Cullertson Gustav F/Headwick Honholtz Marion L/Etta Day James/Mary Moore Elmer? Marcus/Anna Jenkins James/Nancy Hall L D/Florence Jane Barnhill Walter/Cora Clark Marion L/Etta Day Benjamin/Rosanna Cookerly John/Mary Grubb John/Mary Grubb Julian K/Mabel Eaton Walter/Cora Clark John J/Anna Marion/Eva Cain F H/Rosa Hopkins Leslie/Lena Harrell Leonard M/Helen Palmer Lloyd/Colleen Gray Theodore G/Grace Matthews Charles/Eva Goswick Marcus/Florence Duncan Leonard/Evah Smith Marion/Eva Cane Thomas McCartney/Belle Rogers Eva/Mary B Cayse? Walter/Cora Clark Ora/Charmon Holloway Glade E/Lucille Wagner George E/Cora A Newby Oorollis? Lewis/Anna Feist Oscar/Laura B Capps Robert/Gertrude McFall Henry Taylor/Carrie Nancy Brodlx Andrew/Mary Warhunt Howard/Minnie Bell Hacker Jack Sylbert/Joan Higgins Louie/Lonada Reinsinger Roy/Viola Beyers John H/Delores Gee George Allison Stevenson/Mary Ann Willis Edmund/Laura E Rice Paul/Mary L Surber J M/Belle Kent Foster/Nell Godsey Frank/Jean Orie H/Maude Hudson William Franklin/Minnie Burton John M/Lottie Jackson Prentis Hadley/Goldie Hamilton Edward J/Margaret Emeline Donnelly Doyle/Edith Justus Gureino/ltalia Goccola Ferdinand Kern/Berta Preisig Lance/Josephine Stimson William/Lucy Walters Dwight/Edna Williams Oscar/Edith Henderson John Carter/Mary E Dehart Harvey/Edith Stevens Groom Name Ross George Trotman Ross Henry W Ross Isaac Wilson Ross John Ross John J C Ross Orville E Ross Virgil Ross Willis Morris Rosson Robert Rothballer Arthur H Rothley Edwin Stanton Rothmuller Ilan J Rothrock Carl Rothrock E Le Roy Rotino Phillip Rott Otto Rotter Julian B Rotzien Jack R Roubadeau Linus Roubadeaux Donald Lauelle Roubadeaux Linus Roudebush Brooks Roudebush Fred Rounds Frank Roundtree Thomas E Jr Rouse Herbert Dale Jr Rouse Paul L Rousseau Clibbert James Roussey Barney Theo Routen Eugene W Routen Ira Routen Marvin S Routen Oliver M Routh Riley Routt Carl W Page 414 Groom B/D 07/25/27 04/05/26 10//1876 09/11/23 11/5/02 12/27/34 Groom Parents Walter George/Ruth Gamble Ben/Julia Hepburn John Wilson/Margaret McPike Charles C/Emma Suppes Marr Date 06/20/53 12/28/53 06/04/1905 12/24/50 10/28/1909 5/30/32 08/12/55 04/17/49 06/14/1911 10/30/37 06/06/1907 04/09/60 06/12/55 10/19/53 01/19/52 9/23/28 4/2/41 02/01/48 8/30/25 09/15/50 10/27/21 03/27/48 10/07/52 04/23/1910 12/19/52 05/26/55 3/24/42 06/17/50 05/10/47 6/12/41 10/12/21 12/31/49 06/24/1914 12/21/46 8/26/39 Bk/Pg 37 192 37 478 11 036 35 283 12 452 23 162 38 620 34 071 13 302 26 169 11 500 43 286 38 505 37 389 36 186 21 356 27 595 33 063 20 037 35 163 18 151 33 126 36 532 12 581 36 619 38 478 28 331 34 627 32 244 28 033 18 135 34 432 14 565 32 047 27 110 George/Bertha Conklin Forrest Brakefield/Margaret E Crawford 06/05/29 Marshall/Rosie Elkins 01/22/1881 William/Fredrica Koeppen 11/1/09 Joseph/Gladys Jeffries 10/04/1881 Philip Christain/Mary Kasser 11/29/37 Marko/Ela Reiss 01/12/35 Elmer/Naomi Ruth Beldon 08/30/31 Elmer/Ruth Belden 09/04/32 Phillip/Rachel Florence Jamison 10/5/72 Henry/Nina Rasor 10/22/16 11/27/24 9/16/01 04/25/28 9/16/01 09/22/26 11/05/96 07/30/1889 01/05/26 03/01/36 Abraham/Essie Golstein Dewey/Irene Garwood L B/May Thompson Linus L/Pearl Day Lavelle B/May Thompson Earl D/Lola E Broks George W/Laura E Jones Henry C/Donnia Lewis Thomas Sr/Abbie Zink Herbert Dale/Mildred Lucille Campbell 8/6/06 Charles A/Grace C Shaw 12/28/25 Frank/May Desmarie 08/01/88 Lazarus/Christina Crayo 7/4/21 Ollie/Carrie Hawkins 3/2/93 W G/Jane Dichon 02/09/29 Ira/Ilah Shake 04/27/1887 Willis G/Janie Deshore 1/10/85 Josuah/Lottie Marchdale 10/13/12 Homer W/Grace McManis Monroe County Marriage Records Index symptoms you need a root canal dulcolax 5mg lowest price, 1906-1960 Bride Name Shields Zelpha L Ham Sarah E Farley Mae Elizabeth Bowers Lucy E Adkins Betty Adams Janet Hudgens Easton Joanne Simler Wilma Brandes Lucille Coffing Iva Lucille Durnal Evelyn Myers Odessa Scully Cordelia I Robbins Sharlene Cassida Donna Carol Copenhaver Wilma Riggs Jessie E Keller Mary Sherrill Lora Mae Field Judith Ann Purcell Ruby May Reinhard Nellie Grace Bell Lavonne Godsey Ruby Worden Donna Stevenson Virginia Frances Flanagan Shirley Jones Eva Claire Curry Alma Christine Young Judith Mare Falacy Helen Spaulding Hattie Moore Nora E Ayers Minnie Hensley Exie A Eaton Mary E Honeycutt Lucille Elizabeth Bride B/D 5/7/91 06/17/1860 11/9/07 08/26/1887 01/12/35 03/15/29 5/25/24 3/14/13 01/12/07 2/24/06 4/11/17 10/07/1887 05/06/1859 05/28/30 09/14/35 07/29/32 2/10/03 1/6/11 03/04/38 05/16/41 11/18/13 10/13/1885 1/4/11 8/5/03 12/07/30 6/8/26 7/28/27 3/21/06 02/13/33 12/21/29 11/30/15 02/04/1883 06/17/1892 04/22/1881 10/02/1898 10/07/1892 5/13/13 Bride Parents L W/Nancy E Grayson John Hendricks/Rebecca Abram Charles/Catherine Boyer Samuel E/Mariah Thrasher Lee/Lesta Hunter Carter Leroy/Eula Hudgens John G/Mildred Curry Charles/Eldora Evans Frank Wayne Scott/Antionia Popper Samuel T/Delia LeClaire Oliver/Amanda McClary Lafayette/Jennie M Williams Isaiah Crouch/Catherine Burley George/Betty Shapiro Ernest/Leon Price Leonard/Lula Harder John/Anna Davis Forest/Minnie Hendricks Ralph Clark/Opal Gilmore Edward Sherill/Frances Nichols Jesse M/Ruth King George Lewis/Mary Ellen Wilson Thomas/Margaret Wagner Charles/Margaret Simpson Lester/Esther Coplin Bert C/Eugenia Pafford Ralph/Bernice Wily? Orrin/Columbia McDaniel Byron Russell/Florence Jeanette Hetherington Lee/Margurite Taylor John/Julia Kellner Newton Lewis/Mary John/Harriet Bowles William Prosser/Emma Kaserman George/Minnie Pitze William/Sarepta J Robinson Arnnie/Susie Scharbrough Groom Name Routt Charles L Rowe Alva T Rowe Basil William Rowe David D Rowe Robert Rowland David Lee Rowland William Richard Roy Sheldon Royal Ernest Royalty Paul Royer Carl E Royer George Byrl Royer Jacob N Rubin M Robert Ruble John G Ruble Leon Ruch Ralph M Rucker Roy Ruddick Larry Rudkin Jerry Allen Rudkin Joseph Cecil Ruehl Victor Eugene Ruff Raymond Rumple Henry Rumple James Rumple James Edward Rumple Kenneth L Rumple Rholand Howard Rumple William Orrin Rumple Winfred Earl Runner Meredith Runyan Alex Runyan Arthur G Runyan Grant Runyan Rollie E Runyan Samuel L Runyon Carl Wesley Page 415 Groom B/D 12/21/92 10/04/1872 9/23/06 08/12/1884 08/23/29 03/24/27 4/28/22 6/27/08 05/02/28 12/14/99 10/10/13 07/12/1880 01/27/1853 08/23/27 07/01/32 08/27/28 7/19/05 12/21/10 03/22/35 10/14/36 11/29/98 12/09/1881 9/15/05 9/26/00 06/12/30 11/16/23 8/21/23 9/5/05 11/28/31 09/27/27 1/7/14 12/07/1888 06/10/1879 01/18/1867 01/16/1900 08/25/1883 7/5/11 Groom Parents William E/Nancy Knoll Miller/Matilda C Abrams Alva/Lizzie Raper Miller/Catherine Abrams Basil/May Farley Harold Richard/Mildred Jennie Penrod Harold R/Mildred Penrod Carl/Verna Charley Ernest/Ruth Reno Isaac /Nora Clifford Charles/Clara Hacker Jacob Mouk/Delilah Alice Smith John M/Lucinda Moon Maurice/Laura Wilson Roscoe/Beatrice Kiser Luther/Annie Powell Nathan T/Minnie Mattix Ed/Minnie Sharpersling? William J/Mary B Baker Joseph Cecil/Ruby May Purcell James C/Laura Corgell Frederick William/Eugena Goehre Nathan/Rose Ginsberg Amos/Edith Johnson Clifford/Grace Baugh Edward/Winifred Livingston Henry/Ruby Inez Godsey William/Sylvia Thrasher Roland Howard/Eva Claire Jones James H/Ruby Godsey Claude C/Gladys Noftzger Hiram/Malinda Basms Elbert/Martha Sparks Hiram/Katherine Tanner James/Harriet Anderson Hiram/Malinda J Barnes James/Frona Hartman Marr Date 8/11/22 10/29/1917 8/18/28 03/10/1907 11/15/53 08/24/52 4/16/44 9/13/36 04/05/54 6/5/27 9/23/38 05/27/1906 09/27/1917 01/30/51 04/10/54 09/17/49 1/8/27 12/23/31 11/05/60 07/11/59 4/30/35 09/01/1908 2/9/29 11/19/21 09/03/49 12/27/44 5/15/46 7/3/26 07/15/50 10/24/48 1/31/41 04/05/1913 10/03/1918 11/15/1915 12/18/1918 02/20/1912 12/1/30 Bk/Pg 18 377 16 297 21 314 11 455 37 438 36 454 29 542 25 360 37 614 20 557 26 434 11 262 16 274 35 364 37 623 34 298 20 423 23 059 43 589 42 615 24 395 12 201 21 478 18 171 34 278 30 198 31 301 20 295 35 054 33 495 27 550 14 227 16 495 15 338 16 521 13 475 22 384 Monroe County Marriage Records Index, 1906-1960 Bride Name Jackson Mary Clark Margaret I Moore Martha Perry Florence Spradling Ollie May Hillenburg Gleeda Rose Byers Dulcene Harden Ruby Helen Staniford Mary Jane Veach Elizabeth Jean Rupp Lucile M Waldon Jacqueline Lois White Gladys Wolfe Jesse Louise Whitaker Grace Axton Elva D Chestnut Idas Lee Borland Mabel Inez Evans Maude Archer Virginia Freels Bernice Baugh Phyllis June Greene Alta Rhodes Altha Leolin Gorman Colleen Adele Wright Zella Mae Dunn Maxine L Gray Mary Ann Cantrell Ruby Allen Evie Ashcraft Delores Jean Elliott Jean Allen Lois Mae Spriggs Viola May Adams Alice McHaley Maude M Frye Arvenia Webb Kathleen Jones Hazel Bride B/D 1/28/17 08/11/1874 03/20/1872 11/21/18 04/26/32 05/24/33 05/25/40 7/18/26 09/08/23 12/15/24 11/11/1887 06/15/40 9/8/03 12/13/18 04/14/1897 06/26/23 11/11/1896 08/20/1881 5/10/10 2/28/15 5/22/21 06/02/30 07/30/1892 10/18/1892 4/19/26 8/15/07 01/25/22 6/14/27 5/18/14 10/18/1892 03/17/39 1/28/25 12/06/34 5/30/23 Bride Parents Jesse/Anna Evans Benjamin Davis/Leudelia York James Arthur/Margaret J Blake Frank/Elsie Meek Elbert L/Marguerite Hatzell Perry/Myrl Cain Herschel/Ruth Duncan Ambrose/Alice Wood J Clifford Lucik/Nellie M Flickner Charles Wade/Florence H Powell O FrankMoore/Eva B Francisco Gilbert/Elizabeth Godsey John H/Edna Anderson Roy/Mollie Kiebler C R/Emma A Bowers Ralph Johnson Peerman/Lola Bashaw? Groom Name Runyon Edward O Runyon Emmett Runyon Garfield Arthur Runyon James Runyon Larry Lee Runyon Louis Franklin Runyon Richard Runyon Robert E Ruoff William F Rupe John Thomas Rupp Addison L Rupp David C Rupp Dennis Rupp Robert E Rush Burton Rush Carl E Rush Charles H Rush Clarence Rush Clay Rush Dewitt Rush Floyd D Rush Floyd Dee Rush Fred Rush Fred Douglass Rush Jessie Leroy Rush John Elmer Rush Joseph M Rush Joseph M Rush Kenneth Rush Otis Rush Preston Ward Rush Robert E Rush Robert Jack Rush Wayne Roger Rush William Rush William Rusher William L Rushton Gene Rusie Herschel Page 416 Groom B/D 11/6/07 03/01/1875 06/10/1880 10/17/19 12/03/33 07/15/30 07/22/35 10/29/21 06/21/18 06/08/25 02/18/1883 08/02/35 6/17/87 6/7/09 04/13/1893 10/11/34 08/25/1891 03/10/1881 6/21/07 8/2/12 6/29/16 06/29/16 10/30/1888 04/29/1893 1/9/27 7/10/93 11/25/21 11/25/21 3/31/14 04/18/1890 09/21/35 7/27/23 08/17/35 1/8/13 09/24/1891 01/31/1881 10/19/08 06/28/31 10/23/05 Groom Parents Arthur/Martha Arthur George W/Lydia Stines Albert/Martha Jane Sparks Everett/Exie Hensley Carl W/Lucille E Honeycutt Everett/Exie Hensley Edward/Mary Jackson Everett R/Exie Hensley William F/Lee A Davis Thomas Clark/Jessie Rose Adam/Jennie Stout Jacob C/Rebecca E Wescott Ben/Lydia Steiner A L/Lucille Moore Thomas M/America A Koontz Carl G/Opal Lyles John/Mary Rayl Mack/Rebecca J May William H/Maude McHaley George/Lina Goss Charles/ldas Chestnut Charles/ldas Chestnut Stephen/Jane Wooden Joseph/Mary Parham Otis G/Estie Allen M M/Rebecca Jane May Fred D/Altha L Rhodes Fred D/Altha Rhodes W H/Maude McHaley Thomas/America Koontz Roy Lee/Kathleen VanHook George E/Emalie Goss Charles/Beatrice Cline William H/Maude McHaley Joseph/Mary Parham Thomas M/America Koontz William/Jeune Godsey? Carl/Ruby Ludlow W B/Mary Hobson Marr Date 12/16/33 09/30/1911 12/04/1906 7/19/37 08/20/55 10/06/51 11/15/56 10/18/46 06/15/56 06/13/48 06/27/1914 05/14/59 7/19/25 4/6/35 06/10/1916 05/02/59 08/11/1913 02/16/1913 10/11/41 10/20/33 1/19/46 07/07/51 07/30/1908 06/22/1920 8/13/45 12/25/39 07/30/55 9/19/45 12/19/35 06/24/1911 10/18/57 2/16/46 12/11/54 7/15/39 06/30/1912 12/05/1906 2/3/34 07/01/50 10/19/29 Bk/Pg 23 557 13 376 11 394 26 061 38 636 36 064 39 607 31 602 39 409 33 220 14 571 42 482 20 008 24 376 15 490 42 530 14 327 14 180 28 148 23 513 31 068 35 571 12 177 17 348 30 460 27 219 38 597 30 506 25 071 13 310 40 403 31 138 38 287 27 071 13 575 11 395 24 032 35 032 22 078 James M/Cordelia A Parnell William M/Sarah J McPhetridge George Shields/Luella Richardson Elmer/Hazel Southern H Sherwood/Mabel Irene Waker William/Maudeline Cutright Lewis/Clara Wright Mason/Emma Burch William S/Bessie Warner Bert Denny/Laura Warriner Ray Booth/Freda Straly Lawrence Owen/Arretta Chastain J E/Roxie St John Samuel/Mary Eads William Dorsey/Naomi May Berry Carl Yates/Pearl Dotts Sylvester/Cecelia Clark Horace/Anna Burcham not listed 09/24/1888 William H/Hester Dyer 5/26/15 Zim Bryant/Maude Ewing 10/12/30 Earl/Daisy Baugh 6/4/05 Clifford/Jessie Stewart Monroe County Marriage Records Index, 1906-1960 Bride Name McCoy Wilma Jean Mitchell Phyllis Mae Hamm Jennie Ann Brown Catherine Ward Laura Lou Hershey Freida W Strain Neva Gayle Schroppel Muriel B Grossman Lillian Verda Bride B/D 01/18/29 4/5/26 09/11/1890 10/26/1896 11/19/27 10/7/98 12/25/36 06/28/34 04/24/35 Bride Parents James King/Marjorie Irene Branum John L/Sparkle Trinkle Charles Brown/Lura Billings Charles/lda Johnson Thomas E/Ethel Fleener Amos S/Lillian Wilcox Ralph Emerson/Bessie Eliva Wright Michael F/Florence Agnes Donally Milton Monroe Myers/Agnes Eloise Gaber William Earl/Rhoda Lou Stevens Lafe Coom/Araminta Jackson William A/Nellie Wrightsman John J/Nance E Wallace Willliam/Sabra Fuller William Lynn/Calla May Joseph Van Varger? Tommy/Alice Pemblin Clarence/Selma Bransman John E/Rosa Benner (adopted parents) 11/08/1895 Henry/Susan McCaughan 10/16/11 Samuel/Ethel McIlroy 5/9/23 Roger/Myrtle Wray 02/19/30 George/Marie Wright 9/3/17 Leland S/Irene Lillian Bailey 12/29/06 S B/Parolee Marshall 8/7/15 Grant/Estella McKinly 08/07/15 Hiram Grant/Rebecca Estella McKinley 09/27/25 Howard/Lela Whisman 7/25/06 Sherman/Josepine Shane 04/12/28 Harry/Leona Bridges 10/19/1882 Lewis Carter/Laura JaneMartin 05/05/28 Fritz/Mabel Faulkner 3/26/03 Mose/Emma Lentz 06/16/24 William/Della Silvers 07/27/31 Marsh/Emma Williamson 3/6/23 Maurice/Emma Williamson 12/14/23 Marsh/Emma Williamson 2/4/06 Carl C/Bessie M Rhoades 01/07/25 Joseph J/Selena Williams? Monroe County Marriage Records Index, 1906-1960 Bride Name Whaley Juanita Freeman Betty L Ray Charlotte Hostetler Bessie L Allen Frances Ryan Ballard Merva Thornton Gretchen Graff Helen E Groff Helen E Cottam Jacqueline M Kerr Alice Loretto Eller Carolyn Joan Morrison Marie Phegley Mary L Mathis May Jones Claire Serevin Loraine Margaret Stephens Helen Pauline Smith Pearl Carmichael Lorretta T Sparks Ruth Eller Charlotte Oyama Nancy Namiko Brinegar Glyda Cox Marie Baldridge Dorothy Snow Wilma Jean Darlene Kay Bartell Minnie Bieler Rosemary Adams Helen Ida Newton Mary Frances Petro Leona Kathryn Luther Myrtle Marshall Alice Bride B/D Bride Parents 04/21/28 George Halstead/not given 09/03/30 10/10/34 09/21/30 03/06/35 11/09/35 7/8/21 1/30/03 1/30/03 4/11/21 1/24/94 01/03/40 9/22/22 8/21/18 10/21/09 5/25/27 12/03/27 04/24/34 06/28/1889 02/15/1891 3/5/20 09/03/1898 06/13/31 12/28/07 2/16/18 12/8/16 01/06/41 05/29/40 4/19/08 01/29/18 9/13/10 06/14/32 11/9/25 5/18/85 5/1/23 Mike/Odena Riddle Daniel/Bertha Phillippi Ben/Dorothy Groomes Robert F/Eliza Jane Ryan Marion T James/Ruth Coffman Gilbert/Pearl Goodman Otto/Mary Munders? Bernard L/Martha Auger Phillip/Anna Matthews George/Clarena Moffett Albert/Mary Harper Ray/Almeda Carmichael William Lucas/Gertrudeude Clark Elmer I/Ethel Koons John/Katherine Mulich Elza/Lotta Elizabeth McMurray James/Jane Tungate Richard/Bridget Sherlock Roy/Myrtle Turner James/Dora Hough Minigiro/Helen Hiskko Oyama Ray Fisher/Lelah Owings Ray/Mary Elizabeth Pearl S P/Edith Harris Burgess/Florence Payton William H/Mildred A Emery George W DeDaun? Leon/Palmyre Nogart Paul/Mary Rohal J H/Rose Hansford Albert/Amy Ashley Louis/Anna Lecz Sherman William/Edna Mae Palmer William S/lda K Knapp Valentine/Elizabeth Leidigh Vernon S/Lucille Bilskie Mont/Ellen Moran Nakaichi/Sue Nishiyama Edson/Bertha Pace Lewis/Beulah Renchen Jesse James/Shrilda Ellen Simpson Cornelius Jr /Dorothy Baldridge Cornelius/Dorothy M Baldridge Oscar J/Annie Dorry Edward M/Marnie? Vernetta Davis Shiloh/Sue G Combs Walter/Lola Bolding William R/Dova Lucille Baker David/Melvina Case Ralph/Carmela Mazza 12/24/48 08/14/53 06/26/48 06/25/60 10/26/56 1/13/40 11/29/46 11/29/46 3/11/44 4/10/21 10/14/60 10/19/40 11/22/41 9/28/35 12/18/45 06/17/49 01/16/54 08/23/1916 04/01/1913 9/30/38 09/06/1919 12/31/58 10/04/52 8/12/38 4/8/35 07/19/59 10/03/58 10/8/43 12/09/57 3/7/29 12/19/52 12/6/46 8/11/22 3/22/45 33 565 37 314 33 312 43 382 39 588 27 239 32 019 32 019 29 505 17 575 43 567 27 466 28 186 24 578 31 003 34 164 37 522 15 553 14 223 26 440 17 093 42 409 36 521 26 401 24 378 42 626 42 315 29 330 40 451 21 494 36 616 32 023 18 376 30 290 Page 418 Monroe County Marriage Records Index, 1906-1960 Bride Name Salyards Annettie J Livingston Bertha Fulford Letha Jane Wyley (Hagan) Wanda R Anderson Tammie Marie Hough Mary E Hacker Dorris J Wilson Frieda Wilson Frieda Armetta Hensley Mary Etta Smith Sarah E Barnard Freeda Violet Helfenbein Virginia Lee Sparks Hazel Thomerson Esta Duvall Pafford Maude Aline Rasner Evaleen Beard Grace Ethel Sims Faye Griswold Betty S Alltop Rebecca Boilanger Everly Beil Lilly Kiser Lizzie Hardwick Betty Faris Helen Bates Hendricks Iva Delaney Peggy Lou Stewart Inez Bright Mary Blanche Hutcherson Minnie Lydia Brock Olive Irene Keller Betty Limp Eva C Bride B/D Bride Parents 07/16/1867 Samuel G Conard/Catherine A Conard 05/19/1899 7/13/18 03/20/20 08/01/32 Andrew/Anna John W/Mary Bell Charley Wyley/Myrtle Blair? Harry/Marie Hughes Benton/Flora B William/Nora Tungate Joe/Hazel Sater Joe/Hazel Sader David/Jennie Neal Henry/Phebe T Paddock John/Margaret Dickey Herman Fulacke/Ruth Aileen Logan Chester/Myrtle Buskirk John Duvall/Oranda Wise Homer/Mattie Butcher Luther/Electa P Hagan Henry H/Pearl M Terrell Oscar/Eliza Henry Edward H Sutherland/Myrtle Crews David B Tilly/Ruth Bowles Dunham Quick/Auda Bassett Peter Townsend/Mahala Ferrin William/Mattie Gardner George Mitchum/Martha Butler Henry S Bates/Ella Ryan William/Stella Donald/Crystal Undine Hawkins Groom Name Salyards Frank M Salyer Roy Salyers Carl Salyers Carl R Samkange Stanlake John Thompson Sample Charles O Sample Cleatie O Sample Glen Sample Glen H Sample Homer Ozies Sample James Leon Sample Otis Sampson Calvin O Sanborn Harrell Sanburn Alaska G Sanburn Clovis Sanburn Clyde Sanburn Murry R Sanburn Russell H Sand Anthony B Sandefer John T Sandefur Clarence Sanders Clarence Sanders Claude W Sanders Daniel T Sanders George W Sanders Gilbert Sanders Harold Junior Sanders James Sanders Jesse A Sanders John T Sanders Lawrence Delbert Sanders Leon Sanders Lloyd G Page 419 Groom B/D Groom Parents 08/19/1866 Edward J/Rebecca Curry 06/17/1891 6/18/13 06/18/13 03/11/22 04/05/1885 07/22/1892 9/16/21 09/16/18 2/13/17 10/23/1876 8/5/15 09/09/28 12/19/13 09/07/1884 12/29/03 4/21/18 02/04/1889 09/05/1897 06/18/12 01/01/1847 11/05/00 7/13/96 02/22/1887 1/17/69 8/8/75 2/4/02 11/24/29 George/Kate Kilgore Len/Nora Phegley Lew/Nora Phegley Thompson D/Grace Mano William M/Catherine Sample William/Catherine Richardson Manuel/lda May Brimley Manuel/Ida Mae Simmons Cleotis/Doris Jeanette Hacker William/Mariah Martin Cleotis/Doris Jeanette Hacker Emil Jamis/Gertrude Sofia Hooker Oscar/Olivia Breeden William B/Eunice Baker Oscar/Olivia Breeden Harry/Nora Ham William/Levina Baker M H/Dessie Peter/Ida Vornbrock S B/Elizabeth Rutter Joseph Crise? Joseph Charles Sr/Grace Marie Swain 05/22/35 Bert/Martha Moulton 11/01/37 Bert/Martha Moulton 10/01/32 Bert/Martha Moulton 05/04/1894 Will/Rosa Thompson 12/18/78 E S/Anna Murphy 12/27/03 James M/Myrtle Pollard 8/20/02 J Marion/Myrtle Pollard 7/28/12 Ben F/Sarah Inks 11/10/09 Ben/Sarah Enks 10/17/07 Benjamin F/Sarah Lavar 3/11/96 Ben/Sarah A Inks 4/22/00 Ben T/Sarah Inks 7/28/22 Peter/Katina Vonlgely Douglass/Ellen May Douglas/Ellen May Craig/Thursa Sparks Asbury/Acha Conder Brooks/Mabel Rush 10/29/1888 8/25/24 9/15/56 12/23/12 01/07/1890 12/01/1886 5/22/23 12/18/46 05/14/11 6/17/23 Floyd/Grace Moss 9/9/19 Brooks/Mabel Rush 11/06/1909 12 459 28 106 8/10/41 Monroe County Marriage Records Index, 1906-1960 Bride Name Tabor Catherine J Campbell Frances M Tabor Rhoena May Mary Fannie Brinegar June Haggard Nellie E Thornton Imogene Humphrey Delores Vickers Hazel J Wood Junie May Pearce Mary S Johnson Arabella Eads [Sater] Norma Juanita Eads Norma Juanita Puett Barbara Jeanne Godsey Margaret E Bennett Genevieve Lucille Toby Louise (Bl) Porter Lucille Evitt Edith L Osborne Barbara Hitchcock Adrienne Ring Vera Rice Alice Stimson Lela Ma Van Valzah Sara Margaret Burton Mary McLaughlin Ernestine Grubb Betty Jean Bredeweg Mary Janet Oldham Margaret Cottle Regena Pauline Kelley Sarah Jean Allen Eva (Ava) Hays Peggy Rose Bennett Edna Hacker Lillian Nethery Phyllis Jean Bride B/D 2/11/21 08/03/1891 5/31/18 07/28/26 01/02/1894 11/26/21 10/2/25 10/28/10 6/4/23 11/09/31 1864 06/17/36 06/17/36 Bride Parents M/Lillian Collahan Oscar/Cora Dillman J M/Lillian Callahan Luther C/Mary Jane Butcher Thomas/Carrie Bright Irvin J Bell/Ellen Sproules Lloyd/Ada Bergis Asher/Mary C Bowman Otis/Mary Etta Tipton Lawrence/Josephine Griffey Abraham Shields/Eliza Ann Shields Glovie Eads/Lena Hobson Glovie/Lena Hobson George Mitchell/Laura Anne Drake Charles/Margaret Simpson Newman H/Maggie Edge Jim/Ellen Jones Hershel/Mamie Roberts A E Allbritton/lda Kennedy Richard/Jennie Barnes Benjamin Aason/Edith Euphema Still Ralph/Waneta Redman? Wayne/Gertie Sherwood John C/Dona M Butcher Paul C/Mabel Walker W W/Glenna Prouty Charles Caleb/Florence Amelia Pratt Hector Dyer/Winifred Morgan Simeon Carnot/Helen Billingsley Clarence William/Edith Helen Rausch 4/11/18 05/22/40 Groom Name Scales Sherley S Scales Theodore Scamahorn Malcolm O Schaaf Dalton K Schabel Theodore Schaefer Jacob Wernli Schaefer William Edmund Schaerer Robert Warren Schafer Robert E Schawicker? Paul Scheele Charles R Scheinfeldt Abraham Schelosky Moritz H Schenk Henry William Schepp William C Schepper Boyd V Scherer Maurice E Scheri Charles Scherschel John P Schilawski Ralph Schiller Ernest John Schiller Ernest John Schiller Ernest John Schilling George Adam Schlee John William Schlote William L Schmaltz Ralph Frederick Schmaltz Richard H Schmalz Rich H Schmidt Joesph Farnash Schmidt Karsten Schneider Albert John Schneider Frederick A Jr Groom B/D Groom Parents 04/17/1895 John/Sarah Fulford 08/09/36 Joseph Jefferson/Alice Katherine Finchum 8/15/18 O T/Fannie Rutledge 05/09/37 Donal C/Mary A Hamilton John/not listed L B/Minnie Wernli George H/Bertha Zalkicki? Robert Carl/Agnes Josephine Hattenbach 10/24/30 Delbert Conrad/Mabel Florence Kaiser 09/24/23 Clarence/Jessie Gard 10/25/29 Paul H/Martha Wermutt 01/01/1876 Isaac/Hanna Nelson 03/30/1849 William F/Catherine Keller 6/15/23 Henry William/Charlotte Neal 10/18/98 10/18/14 1/2/96 11/30/87 6/25/15 5/20/13 5/1/24 5/1/24 5/1/24 10/02/1891 1/22/16 10/20/23 09/11/1890 2/2/18 2/2/18 07/15/1884 10/13/27 8/28/21 11/28/25 William/Alice Branson David A/Lettie B Love D D/Anna B Cooper Freeman/Jennie Burham Fred/Clara Dietrich Henry F/Edna Peters Carl George Robert/Anna Detmer Carl George Robert/Anna Detmer Carl George Robert/Anna Detmer John/Elizabeth Thress Gustave H/Edith B Shank W H/lda Maud Richardson Frederick L/Alice Hurst Roy/Marie C Myers Roy H/Marie Meyers Gustavus Aldophus/Frances Morrison Amandus/Christine Petersen Albert John/Ida Ellen Blackburn Frederick August Sr/Ruth Browne 08/06/1866 6/27/19 6/23/17 03/28/25 Marr Date Bk/Pg 12/24/1913 14 434 04/10/54 37 624 6/28/42 07/12/57 01/13/1907 7/26/41 11/8/46 05/30/48 03/14/52 11/26/47 03/18/50 03/30/1914 11/25/1913 7/17/45 10/31/21 5/23/41 6/26/26 09/29/60 12/31/39 1/8/35 1/30/46 1/30/46 1/30/46 04/25/1918 8/22/42 5/24/45 01/02/1912 2/24/46 5/25/41 04/29/1906 05/09/58 4/21/45 01/28/51 28 440 40 289 11 425 28 091 31 645 33 215 36 248 32 606 34 514 14 499 14 404 30 426 18 153 28 003 20 288 43 550 27 225 24 301 31 102 31 102 31 102 16 410 28 508 30 353 13 447 31 148 28 008 11 243 42 098 30 316 35 360 Page 422 Monroe County Marriage Records Index, 1906-1960 Bride Name Doyle Frances Summers Mary Foster Dorothy Roth Betty Ann Raatz Ruth Eileen Naylor Velma Cota Alpha Mary Page Inez Edmondson Emma C Owens Patsy Lou Stoner Virgnia Anderson Veda A Arnold (Thomas) Patricia Jean Hevron Mary A Hunsucker Vivian Julia Ranard Wanda Jean Hacker Elizabeth Johnson June Maxine Beam Naomi Starbuck Sheppard Helen McAdams Joyce McNeely Mary Florence Fisher Effie Robertson Elva Brown Rhoda Pearl Sewell Bessie A Griner Juanita Alger Ruby Rose Doris Jean Jones Marjorie June Hoke Bertha L Thompson Lucille Elkins Etta Jackson Shirley Ann Wampler Dorothy Christy Carrie A Bride B/D 10/26/29 4/18/25 4/17/13 11/15/35 05/13/38 8/20/14 10/31/12 8/26/99 02/14/1869 11/12/31 9/28/16 5/10/1900 08/21/36 11/26/31 11/8/00 12/10/22 4/16/78 6/1/13 7/25/12 05/13/27 12/22/27 5/2/19 4/2/83 12/26/01 4/28/97 03/22/1889 04/18/28 5/2/14 01/01/31 11/12/32 10/20/28 4/10/16 02/17/1889 10/28/31 7/21/22 11/04/1893 Bride Parents Tom I Thompson/Hazel B Crowe Ralph/Hazel Wilson Robert W/Blanche Carter Gerald L/Oneida Harrison Herbert Richard/Dorothy Groupner John/Grace Fox L L/Leona May Boruff John Story/Wenona Usrey Hubbard M/Rhoda Acuff Lawrence Rairden/Flo Ilene Stewart Oral/Helen Brighton? William/Martha Russell James Robert Arnold/Sarah Esther Deckard C F/Jewel R Adams John/Sarah C Stage Russell/Asa Carpenter Owen Richardson/Martha Robertson E I Webb/Julia Hendricks Homer/Mary Bales Cecil P/Helen Painter H Dale/Vivian Sparks G O/Grace Newton A Hawkins/N Souders George Tutterrow/Catherine Fritch John W/Anna Elizabeth Spiker William H/Sarah E Christy Jacob/Ona Campbell Clarence/Daisy Elliott Ralph/Rosie Rariden Frederick J/Gladys Welch Dennis F/Rozell Brewer Harry Carnish/Edna Slane? Paul E/Clara B Smith Paul/Clara Belle Smith Henry/Rebecca Moore John/Elizabeth Hatcher Sylvanis/Emma J Casmerman John/Lydia Hatchett Paul/Ruth Muler? Clifford W Sciscoe Austin Sciscoe Bert Sciscoe Donald Eugene Sciscoe Donald W Sciscoe Jack E Sciscoe James Henry Sciscoe James Ray Sciscoe John David Sciscoe Kenneth L Sciscoe Ora William Sciscoe William L Sciscoe William T Scott Albert B Scott Alexander (Bl) Page 424 Groom B/D 02/12/41 2/22/20 2/1/78 08/09/38 10/18/18 2/22/21 6/25/97 05/13/31 04/08/39 10/12/35 1/17/86 12/27/03 3/18/01 09/09/29 01/03/18 07/30/20 12/24/1898 3/29/08 06/02/22 2/13/13 08/28/1886 10/1/16 03/23/18 05/06/27 02/15/1887 02/01/30 12/15/30 10/17/33 4/11/25 6/24/00 02/01/34 11/7/23 09/24/1893 11/04/38 1/5/68 1/15/10 11/05/1883 Groom Parents Roy L/Mabel Marie Hartman Oscar/Minnie Lawrence John/Caroline Bohent?

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Hunter Administrative Coordinator Christine Kuhn Scheduling Administrator Elizabeth A symptoms kidney disease purchase dulcolax 5 mg amex. Ingrid Olivo Billing Associate Eileen Starr Billing Associate Kim Weinstein Billing Associate Sr medications hair loss order 5 mg dulcolax mastercard. Peters1 and Elizabeth Peyton2 Prepared for the American University symptoms week by week buy dulcolax 5 mg without prescription, Justice Programs Office 909 treatment generic 5mg dulcolax otc, in association with the U. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Drug Courts Program Office May 1998 1Associate Professor, Department of Mental Health Law and Policy, the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida. This document describes the principles and methods of screening and assessment of adult drug court participants, and gives drug courts specific tools and information to establish and sustain screening and assessment processes. While much of the information here will be helpful for juvenile drug courts, specific guidance for juveniles should be obtained from other sources. Several useful guidelines and monographs on screening and assessment for criminal justice and noncriminal justice populations are included as references in the back of this guideline. Readers interested in additional information on this subject are encouraged to use these resources. This publication is one of several technical assistance monographs for drug courts that the U. This document presents general issues related to screening and assessing drug court clients, describes the processes and elements of screening and assessment in detail, summarizes key issues for drug courts to consider as they screen and assess participants, and provides resource materials for those seeking additional information. Screening and assessment are often described as discrete events completed by using specific instruments. In fact, screening and assessment are part of an ongoing decision-making process that examines information on substance abuse and criminal history, motivation for treatment, educational and employment factors, and other problem areas. Information gathered during screening and assessment is used to develop a treatment plan that will be updated over time to reflect participant progress, significant life events. While use of structured instruments is a core element of screening and assessment, this activity must be supplemented by an individual interview, review of archival materials. Although part of a continuous process, screening determines eligibility and appropriateness for participation in drug court, while assessment helps to identify specific types of services and determine the intensity of treatment needed. Screening is conducted in the very early stages of drug court involvement and typically precedes assessment and other diagnostic activities. Drug court screening typically consists of two steps: (1) justice system screening to decide if the prospective participant meets predetermined eligibility requirements related to criminal history, offense type and severity, etc. Once the initial screening decision is made, assessment helps to determine which types of services should be provided, and in what sequence these services should be provided. Diagnosis is part of the more detailed assessment process, and summarizes the pattern of current symptoms and functional impairment for several types of disorders. Justice system screening is usually conducted by the prosecutor and probation officer in post-conviction programs. In most drug courts, the judge and prosecutor provide the final review of program eligibility, although the defense counsel is also involved in identifying and screening eligible cases. In 38 percent of drug courts surveyed (Cooper, 1997), more than one agency is used to conduct clinical screening. In contrast, assessment is typically conducted by substance abuse treatment professionals who have specialized education and training in these areas. While justice system and clinical screenings are usually completed in 5-30 minutes, assessment requires at least 1-2 hours. Assessment is more comprehensive in scope and provides much more detailed information, including examination of specialized areas such as diagnosis of mental health disorders. Assessment and related diagnostic information contribute directly to developing an individualized drug court treatment plan. The treatment plan for each participant enables the drug court to track problem areas, services provided, and progress toward program completion. Although this approach provides more comprehensive information to guide initial placement in different types of services.

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These targets are proteins treatment zinc deficiency order genuine dulcolax, as well as the genes that define how those proteins are structured medicine kim leoni order generic dulcolax on-line. Until recently medicine xyzal buy dulcolax 5mg fast delivery, researchers were limited to studying the biology (the function or the structure of molecules and cells) of only about 500 target proteins or genes treatment 31st october order dulcolax 5 mg on-line. Now, with scientific advances, such as knowledge of the sequence of the human genome, the number of available biological targets has soared. Despite these gains, however, researchers still know very little about the role that many of these new targets play in causing or maintaining diseases. Once researchers have identified a target, they then validate them by determining whether the target is relevant to the disease that they are studying. They must then determine if a drug could affect the target enough to alter the course of the disease. To do this, they use biochemical, cellular, or animal models to validate the biological mechanism of the target gene or protein. Box E-1 summarizes an example of successful, extended, and complex collaboration that involved scientists from the National Institutes of Health as well as academic and industry scientists. Searching for Compounds When a potentially relevant target for an identified disease is validated, chemists then mount a massive search for chemicals that might modify the target or targets. They screen vast compound libraries to develop a list of potential chemicals that might some day become a new medicine. This sophisticated process can be divided into three distinct steps: (1) development and maintenance of large compound libraries, (2) specific assay development, and (3) high-throughput screening. Assays are analyses that quantify the interaction of the biological target and the compound that the researchers are investigating. They also might measure how the presence of the compound changes the way in which the biological target behaves. The chemical compounds tested in these assays are maintained in large compound libraries, some of which contain more than 5 million chemicals. Products from natural sources like plants, fungi, bacteria, and sea organisms can be integrated within compound libraries. Most compounds, though, are derived through the use of chemical synthesis techniques, in which researchers create chemical compounds by manipulating chemicals. Itcollaboratedwiththetransplant center at Stanford University to conduct studies with primates, with promising r esults(see, e. Testing of the expanding number of available biological targets against millions of chemical entities requires some highly sophisticated screening methods. Researchers use robotics, for example, to simultaneously test thousands of distinct chemical compounds in functional and binding assays. Many times, academic researchers with expert knowledge of specific pathways may guide the development of assays in collaboration with industry. The chemical compounds identified through this kind of screening can provide powerful research tools that help provide a better understanding of biological processes. Hundreds and possibly thousands of related compounds may be tested to determine if they have greater effectiveness, less toxicity, or improved pharmacological behavior, such as better absorption after a patient takes the drug orally. To optimize the molecules being investigated, scientists use computers to model the structure of the lead compounds and how they link to the target protein. This approach to structure-based design is known as in silico modeling (the word "silico" refers to the silicon technology that powers computers). This kind of structural information gives chemists a chance to modify the molecules or compounds selected in a more rational way. Lead optimization produces a drug candidate that has promising biological and chemical properties for the treatment of a disease. The drug candidate is then tested for its pharmacokinetic behavior in animals, including its gastrointestinal absorption, body distribution, metabolism, and excretion. It is also tested for its pharmacodynamics, which refers to the relative effectiveness of the molecule. Preclinical studies also help researchers design proposed Phase I studies to be conducted with human. For example, preclinical studies with animals help determine the initial dose to be evaluated in the clinical trial and help identify safety evaluation criteria. The latter include factors such as patient signs and symptoms that should be monitored closely during clinical trials.

Hold a series of meetings with stakeholder groups to discuss and gauge potential sea level rise impacts to the region or locality treatment alternatives order dulcolax with american express. Educate local elected officials on sea level rise medicine 81 dulcolax 5 mg with mastercard, and the predicted impacts to the region or locality medications qd purchase discount dulcolax online. Present data in easily-understood terms medicine 6mp medication buy generic dulcolax online, such as X acres will be flooded, X homes lost, and X impacts to wildlife. Extend media coverage to issues related to sea level rise to increase public awareness and to help citizens prepare for emergencies. This can include the use of social media, such as Facebook, as well as traditional media, including radio, television, and newspapers. Increase public outreach, including press conferences, information sessions, community events, public meetings, and exhibits on sea level rise at libraries, aquariums, and museums. Educate residents about the role that fertilizing, vegetation removal, and litter play in increasing flooding, erosion, and property damage. Provide landowners with accurate data on the current and future vulnerability of their property to sea level rise as well as best managing practices for mitigating the effects of increased flooding. Craft a "Community Resilience" policy statement emphasizing the need for sciencebased vulnerability assessments, adaptation planning, education and public engagement, and the development of flexible regulatory and non-regulatory strategies for addressing sea level rise. Mapping regional and county sea level rise predictions to show impacts to existing development and natural areas; and d. Assessing and prioritizing economic and ecological vulnerabilities to sea level rise. Investigate how to address sea level rise in other planning strategies, including transportation plans, regional economic development plans, and regional hazard mitigation. Toward a reconciliation between laboratory and in situ measurements of soil and rock compressibility. Risk Quantification for Sustaining Coastal Military Installation Assets and Mission Capabilities, Final Technical Report. Storm tide frequency analysis for the open coast of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Heightened Tropical Cyclone Activity in the North Atlantic: Natural Variability or Climate Trend? A comprehensive assessment of multilayered safety in flood risk management-the Dordrecht case study. Flood Risk Management Approaches: As being practiced in Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States. When Retreat is the Better Part of Valor: A Legal Analysis of Strategies to Motivate Retreat from the Shore. When it rains, it pours: global warming and the rising frequency of extreme precipitation in the United States. When it rains, it pours: global warming and the increase in extreme precipitation from 1948-2011. Low Atlantic hurricane activity in the 1970s and 1980s compared to the past 270 years. In Department of Transportation Center for Climate Change and Environmental Forecasting, The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Transportation Workshop Proceedings. Measures against Floods and Storm Surges in Urban Rivers & Disaster Information Dissemination. Climate Change Induced Sea Level Rise; an investigation of adaptation strategies and erosion mitigation in coastal regions. Coastal Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability: A Technical Input to the 2013 National Climate Assessment. Building a case for lidar in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Issues for consideration. The organization also serves the education community through research and advocacy on behalf of students, educators, and schools. Khan Academy is a trademark registered in the United States and other jurisdictions. Important Note: the code list is updated regularly, and test center availability is subject to change. Test Center Codes Five-digit code 20 College and Scholarship Program Codes Four-digit code Fields 21a and 21b ­ Supply up to eight codes to designate which institutions should receive score reports.

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