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By: Q. Mufassa, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Deputy Director, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Old Wine in Old Bottles: California Mental Defenses at the Dawn of the 21st Century Walter L gastritis causes buy generic gasex pills. Three recent California Supreme Court cases indicate there is still wide leeway for the presentation of psychiatric evidence without violating the strictures of Penal Code sections 28 and 29 gastritis diet cure order gasex no prescription. Smithey three defense experts testified that tests indicated the defendant "had organic brain damage gastritis lemon generic 100 caps gasex with amex, generally diffuse brain dysfunction gastritis fasting diet buy 100 caps gasex with visa, and mild mental retardation. The experts testified that the defendant had amnesia, his mental disorders caused him to be totally out of control, and absent these disorders, he would not have committed the particular crime. These cases hold that a defendant can present lengthy testimony describing his mental state and its effect on his conduct. The main limitation on the scope of expert testimony at the guilt phase of a criminal trial is contained in section 29 of the Penal Code, which prohibits an expert from testifying as to "whether the defendant had or did not have the required mental states. Penal Code section 29 is constitutional and does not deprive a defendant of the right to present a defense or violate the Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. For example, the court would not allow an expert to testify whether the defendant had the capacity to form a specific intent or whether he had the specific intent for an offense. The second approach takes a broader view of the prohibition and does not focus on the statutory language but instead focuses on the intent of section 29. Under this approach the court will not allow the expert to testify to facts that might lead to an inference that the defendant did not have the required intent. Assume that a mother on trial for the murder of her son thought she was killing Satan. She asserts she did not have either the intent to kill her son or malice aforethought. Clearly the direct testimony on intent and malice aforethought would run afoul of both the narrow and expansive interpretations of section 29 since the testimony is couched in the forbidden statutory language. A court applying the broadest interpretation of section 29 might not allow any of the formulations on the ground that the belief she was killing Satan raised an inference that she did not have the intent to kill her son, and thus was indirectly testimony on intent. In effect, there is great judicial discretion in the application of section 29 and the admissibility of expert testimony often turns on the approach of the judge making the decision. This inconsistency in application of the ultimate issue rule was one of the reasons it was eliminated as a restriction on expert testimony generally. It also makes it difficult to predict what expert testimony the court will admit in a particular case. California has witnessed a struggle between the Legislature and the judiciary over the appropriate scope of psychiatric evidence in criminal trials. Both legislative efforts were made in response to outside political forces that contended defendants were abusing the trial process by using mental state evidence to confuse the issues and mislead fact finders. The first legislative effort took place in the late 1920s, while the second occurred in the 1970s. In both cases the judiciary intervened to protect the constitutional right to a fair trial. If mental state evidence is relevant on the issue of specific intent, the court must admit it, no matter how restricted by statutory barriers. Moreover, the court was aware these advances had - 7 - relevance for traditional legal issues such as criminal responsibility. The person must understand the nature, consequences, and wrongfulness of his behavior. Recent insights by neurologists suggest that, in reality, emotion and cognition are interwoven and inseparable. Persons with mental disorders that distort or disable appropriate emotional responses would also have damaged cognition. As the case law makes clear, the passage of Penal Code sections 28 and 29 did not obviate this responsibility. This is not to say that the Court never issues rulings that contradict public opinion. Furthermore, we do not dispute recent research suggesting that individual justices may not systematically respond to public opinion. The direct impact of public opinion carries important implications for the role of the Supreme Court in American politics. First, while on the surface life tenure seemingly insulates the Justices from popular opinion, the results suggest that the Court may not possess the ability to repeatedly contradict the public mood and still preserve its legitimacy to issue efficacious decisions.

It scares me to think that maybe we as female Indian attorneys cannot have it all gastritis diet еврофутбол cheap generic gasex canada. According to Ladak gastritis diet эйвон discount 100caps gasex fast delivery, the best piece of advice she has received as a junior attorney is to work hard and continue to build professional relationships gastritis diet food recipes purchase genuine gasex on line. She shares gastritis diet приват buy gasex uk, "You never know when the seed of a professional connection will blossom into a career opportunity. I found great success in talking to people when I was traveling internationally for business. I am not the person who puts on headphones or watches movies for the whole flight. How South Asian Female Attorneys Can Help One Another "I absolutely look for ways to partner with and support other South Asian female attorneys," advises a partner in Seattle, Washington. She adds that, even though she is a Buddhist born in Pakistan, she actively seeks out ways to mentor any South Asian American women, regardless of their religion or nationality. My practice area focuses on antitrust, but I am constantly looking for ways to make introductions that I think can help other South Asian women. Having a strong support network with my fellow South Asian women lawyers is critical to making new relationships that can pay dividends professionally and personally. The South Asian American attorneys I interviewed who have been practicing between one and five years all appreciate that other, more experienced South Asian female attorneys have always been receptive to career questions. They are grateful for the feedback and guidance, including the general career advice, input on resumes and cover letters, and introductions to other attorneys and mentors that they receive. The Clinical Legal Fellow appreciates that other South Asian American female attorneys put in good names for her when she applies to jobs, and they send her job announcements. Ladak believes that advice on how to leverage her identity as a South Asian American female attorney in the legal profession will be very beneficial. The Clinical Legal Fellow adds that it will be helpful for South Asian American female attorneys to act as a sounding board for her. Godiwala would like to see guidance about how to balance a strong cultural identity while succeeding in the workplace. A junior partner in Boston credits her recent advancement to advice she received from a South Asian attorney she met at a networking event in Atlanta. Despite these so-called differences, we bonded right away, and I shared with her my struggles towards building a book of business. Honestly, without her support, I doubt I would have been able to grow my originations to the levels I needed to get promoted. And the best part is she is still helping me find ways to grow my client portfolio. Ray recalls that she had a great mentor who took Ray under her wing and helped her get promoted to partner, even while Ray was working part-time. She advises younger attorneys to do a great job and be sincere in nurturing relationships. However, she advises that it is acceptable to go on a reduced career track for a number of years, and it is perfectly fine not to work a full-time schedule. Most people are nice about it, but some of my more senior supervising attorneys make me feel like my beliefs are from the Dark Ages. I know when I call her she will pick up the phone or get back to me as soon as possible. She is a true confidant and has given me insights into the personalities of my supervisors, which helps me deal with them. She also told me it is fine for me to keep my personal activities and beliefs to myself, or to try to educate people who are sincerely interested in them. What Legal Organizations Can do to Promote Diversity and Inclusion the topic of diversity and inclusion within the legal profession is not a new one. However, to make meaningful change, top leaders with the ability to influence stakeholders must take stock of the current statistics and commit to a cultural shift in how South Asian American women are viewed and treated. Kathleen Nalty & Arin Reeves, Beyond Diversity: Inclusiveness in the Legal Workplace, Center for Legal Inclusiveness (2013). As the above recommendations make clear, diversity should be at the forefront of every legal organization, whether as in-house counsel responding to a diverse customer base, or as outside counsel responding to diverse clients. It is critical that senior management create an environment of open communication where all attorneys are engaged yet committed to success without regard to ethnicity, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

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According to the work history that you provided the Committee gastritis symptoms headache discount gasex 100caps online, from 1980 through 1985 helicobacter pylori gastritis diet order discount gasex line, you worked as a manager for Hartnett and Evans erythematous gastritis definition order cheapest gasex. Please provide a detailed description of the company congestive gastritis definition purchase generic gasex, including any involvement the company had in any oil and gas related activities at any time. The wells involved were stripper wells with minimal volume and declining production. In your June 29,2013 Fuel-fix article, Ethanol follies continue with Domestic and Alternative fuels, you wrote, "Unexpected in 2007, the historic upsurge in domestic oil and natural gas has brought the U. Our country is blessed with diverse and abundant energy sources among which ethanols are making an increasingly significant contribution. In your June 29, 2013 Fuel-fix article, Ethanol follies continue with Domestic and Alternative foels, you wrote, "It is time to repeal the renewable fuel standard -not to expand or entrench this market distortion. Genuine snake oil, in fact, might be a more thermodynamically efficient source than natural gas or com. As you know, recently the President clearly communicated his support for the Renewable Fuel Standard. This work was based on the highest standards of risk assessment and science to ensure the protection of public health and the environment in Texas. Please refer to the footnoted or attached documents when responding to each sub-part of this question. For each sub-part below, please indicate if the statement is inaccurate or accurate, and, if inaccurate, please provide documentation supporting your response: i. You were present at the 2004 meeting ofthe Texas Water Advisory Council referenced in ii. As previously noted, this report could be fairly characterized as a report from state leadership. The calculation procedure referenced in ii was maintained for several more years after 2004. When asked later about this matter, reports indicate that you stated "the decision to continue the subtraction was a good one. Hartnett-White, on August 15, 2017, just days before Hurricane Harvey devastated your home state of Texas, President Trump made an "infrastructure" announcement that included the repeal of the 2015 Federal Flood Risk Management Standard. The rule President Trump repealed would have ensured that federally-funded projects in a floodplain, such as roads, bridges, hospitals, and other infrastructure, are built to withstand extreme weather and flooding driven by climate change. If confirmed, will you support putting back in place a standard for federally-funded infrastructure projects and post-disaster rebuilding that takes into account foreseeable flood risk? You served in the Administration of then-Governor Rick Perry as Chair of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Recently, Secretary Perry stated that fossil fuels can prevent sexual assault in the context of electrifYing African villages. I do agree that adequate lighting can provide a safer environment for the public at large. Between 2000 and 2017 the average number of billion dollar disasters has jumped to nearly 8 per year. Do you still believe that we are not seeing more frequent or more intense weather events? Yes, I do, because the increase in weather-related damages is not due to worsening weather, but rather the rapid increase in prosperity, personal possessions, and infrastructure, especially in our coastal areas. Hurricane Harvey has raised questions about how poor planning and a lack of good floodplain management makes Houston more vulnerable to excessive flooding when it is inundated by large amounts of rainfall. However, I believe we need to ensure that as we develop land and create more impervious surface we need to ensure storm water controls are properly designed to control increased runoff from heavy rain events which can makes these flooding events worse. Regardless of whether you think climate change is caused by human activity or not, is it wise to ignore the impacts of extreme weather and sea level rise when investing federal dollars in infrastructure projects built in floodplains? You state in your paper, Fossil Fuels: the Moral Case, that "environmental quality remains an unaffordable luxury for much of the developing world. Clean air and clean water should not be a luxury but can become unaffordable in some societies, such as third world economies, when the price of energy is too high. Having access to affordable and reliable electricity is necessary to power drinking water and waste water treatment plants.

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The Governor of Alabama telegraphed him that the rejection of the Fourteenth Amendment could be reconsidered by his state gastritis que hacer discount gasex 100 caps on line, but Johnson discouraged him helicobacter gastritis diet buy gasex with a visa. He said that the war was ended gastritis symptoms at night purchase gasex line, and that the nation should now proceed as a free gastritis symptoms in dogs cheap gasex, prosperous and united nation. He had already informed Congress of his efforts for the gradual restoration of the States. All that remained now was the admission to Congress of loyal Senators and Representatives. While Congress had been considering this, the President had appointed various public officials, and the Thirteenth Amendment had been passed. Yet Congress hesitated to admit the Southern states to representation, and after eight months, only Tennessee had been admitted. He wished to leave the whole matter of suffrage to the States and he was significantly silent on the Black Codes. The Senate asked for a report on the condition of the Southern states, since the President had said practically nothing about it. The President replied, North Carolina, 11 out of 148; South Alabama, 10 out of 106; Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana were unani- December 19, 1866: "As a result of the measures instituted by the Executive, with the view of inducing a resumption of the functions of the States comprehended in the inquiry of the Senate, the people of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee, have reorganized their respective State governments, and are yielding obedience to the laws and government of the United States with more willingness and greater promptitude than under the circumstances could reasonably have been anticipated. Perplexing questions were naturally to be expected from the great and sudden change in the relations between the two races; but systems are gradually developauthority of civil law ing themselves under which the freedman will receive the protection which he is justly entitled, and by means of his labor make himself a useful and independent member of the community in which he has his home. He had begun as the champion of the poor laborer, demanding that the land monoply of the Southern oligarchy be broken up, so as to give access to the soil, South and West, to the free laborer. He had demanded the punishment of those Southerners who by slavery and war had made such an economic program impossible. He had not only given up extravagant ideas of punishment, but he dropped his demand for dividing up plantations when he realized that Negroes would largely be beneficiaries. Because he could not conceive of Negroes as men, he refused to advocate universal democracy, of which, in his young manhood, he had been the fiercest advocate, and made strong alliance with those who would restore slavery under another name. This change did not come by deliberate thought or conscious desire it was rather the tragedy of American prejudice made flesh; to hurt that the man born to narrow circumstances, a rebel against economic so to - privilege, died with the conventional ambition of a poor white to be the and benefactor of monopolists, planters and slave drivers. A man who, despite great power and great ideas, became a puppet, played upon by mighty fingers and selfish, subtle minds; groping, self-made, unlettered and alone; drunk, not so much with liquor, as with the heady wine of sudden and accidental success. I heard the mournful loon In the marsh beneath the moon And then, with feathery thunder, the bird of my desire Broke from the cover Flashing silver fire. The pale clouds gazed aghast As my falcon dropped upon him, and gript and held him fast. This account of the Committee of Fifteen mainly follows Kendrick, Journal of the Joint Committee of Fifteen on Reconstruction. The election of 1866 has sent to the 40th Congress a Republican majority of 42 against 11 in the Senate and the 143 against 49 in the House. Abolition-democracy demands for Negroes physical freedom, economic opportunity and education and the right to vote, as a matter of sheer human justice and right. Industry and is willing to use for this end Negro freedom or demands profits Negro slavery, votes for Negroes or Black Codes. The ized, South, beaten in war, and socially and economically disorgan- was knocking at the doors of Congress with increased political power and with a determination to restore land monopoly, and to reorganize its agrarian industry, and to attempt to restore its capital by reducing public taxation to the lowest point. Moreover, it had not given up the idea that the capital which it had lost through the legal abolition of slavery, should and might be reimbursed from the Federal Treasury. Especially it was determined to use for its own ends the increased political power based on voteless Negroes. Finally, there was the West, beginning to fear the grip of land and transportation monopoly, rebelling against the power of Eastern industry, and staggering under the weight of public debt and public taxation. Johnson, with the treme ndous power which lay in his hands as commander-in-chief of the Army, wiriTlKcfiarge patronage which arose through the expansion of governmental functions during the war, and with a stubborn will In the midst of these elements stood Andrew and a resourceful and astute Secretary of State. Logically, Andrew Johnson as an early leader of land reform, and of democracy in industry for the peasant-farmer and the laboring class, was in position to lead the democracy of the West. Between the program of the South and that of the West, then, there was absolutely no point of alliance. The South represented the extreme of reactionary capitalism based upon land and on the ownership of labor. It showed no sign of any more sympathy with the labor movement in the North or the extension of democratic methods than it had before the war. He continued to flirt with Western liberalism at the very time he was surrendering completely to Southern reaction and ultra-conservatism.

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