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By: H. Julio, M.A., M.D.

Associate Professor, University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Hence womens health 20 minute workout generic lady era 100 mg line, a trial version of goiniometer application in smart phone is used for this study pregnancy kit cost purchase genuine lady era line. The reason of the research was to analyze the unwavering quality and legitimacy of the smart phone goniometer app breast cancer 1749 purchase 100mg lady era free shipping. The maximum Range Of Movement of elbow in position of flexion was examined for 100 healthy subjects with Universal goniometer and smart phone breast cancer joan lunden lady era 100mg with amex. Data was analyzed and synthesized by statistical analysis using kappa score and specificity and sensitivity were calculated to find the specificity and validity of the goniometer application the findings of this research showed equal Universal goniometer reliability and validity of the smartphone. One of the limitations of this method is that the practitioners should use their two hands for the examinations and in this situation maintaining the limbs stable is just too hard and may result in some mistakes reading the angles. Digital tools are lightweight and portable for measuring joint motion (electrical inclinometer) and are similar to goniometer use1. The digital inclinometer (inclinometer application on a smartphone) was another application. In this situation, the phone is positioned at the angle along the horizontal line indicated by its implementation to evaluate the angle2. The advanced Smartphone application is a digital tool that has been proven to be accurate equivalent to the universal goniometer by numerous studies and analysis. Advantages of the goniometer application: Focal points of the smartphone goniometer application Using smartphone as a advanced inclinometer has critical points of interest such as ­ accessibility, calculable cost of inclinometer application, and simple estimation owing to the commercial band that fixes the gadget in considered areas8. Thus, physical therapist do not require both hands amid the examinations, and it too permits patients to evaluate their recuperating prepare and the adequacy of treatment at domestic on their own Methodology Experimental study, 100 subjects participated in this study, Agerange of 19 - 22 years. Inclusion criteria: Healthy subjects were identified for this research without chronic orthopedic disorders, such as old fractures, articular pain or discomfort, Cubitus valgus or varus deformities for this study were healthy subjects without having chronic orthopedic disorders, such as old fractures, articular pain or discomfort, Cubitus valgus or varus deformities. Measurements: this study was double blinded and study details were not known to assessors and statistical analyzers. To determine the range of movement as a large extremity joint, the dominant hand elbow was selected and therefore the range of active movements was measured. The students evaluated the computer memory of elbow by the two devices as well as Universal Goniometer and Smartphone and active Movements of elbow joint and the measurements were matched between them. The subjects were examined in two separate rooms with same facilities once a quick interview concerning the method of the study. Also, the Smart phone was set on the zero point of horizontal line along the elbow. There was one hour rest for subjects after initial evaluation by goniometer and the second one by Smart phone. Sensitivity: Probability that a test result will be positive (true positive) Specificity: Probability that a test result will be negative (true negative) Figure 4: Sensitivity and Specificity Kappa score Kappa: A measure of agreement between two individuals when two binary variables are attempted to measure the same thing. Discussion A few ponders have been conducted to work out the range of motion of the elbow joint9. There are a few Reports on the comparison of Smartphone and Universal goniometer within the range of motion movement of the overwhelming hand elbow joint as a huge joint within the upper appendage. Universal goniometer and advanced strategies are comparative in terms of education, versatility and light weight. However, both hands ought to be utilized in deciding the range of motion of the elbow joint by goniometric 238Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. The initial state of the rotation center conjointly the long pivot of the appendage were visually calculable as an occasion this may result within the action blunders10,11,12. The findings showed that both Smartphone and Universal goniometer techniques had greater agreements on all evaluations of motion. Similar studies to verify the Universal goniometer and inclinometer method to assess shoulder joint motions were conducted in 2012. The findings showed that Smartphone conducted the reliability and validity of the readings as goniometer readingsin an exceedingly similar study conducted by (Kolberetal. The results showed a maximum difference of 11 ° in the smartphone and goniometer measurement of this angle13. Evaluated the esteem of dynamic shoulder joint movement measurement by two iPhone Smartphone and goniometer strategies on 94 female cases. Like our comes about, Smartphone has been exceedingly reliable in deciding the extend of shoulder development 14. These tests were performed with the computerized inclinometer (Saunders demonstrate) to measure the anterior curve of the spine15. For the events around the sagittal and frontal axis, these measurements were taken.

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Moreover menstruation 3 weeks postpartum best order lady era, back in 2001 women's health raspberry ketone diet discount lady era 100 mg with visa, cardiovascular diseases claimed the lives of about 16 million people pregnancy symptoms purchase lady era with visa, that is breast cancer in men generic 100mg lady era with amex, a third of global world mortality, then by 2025 it is predicted that this figure will be 25 million and in almost half of the cases will be caused by coronary heart disease3,4. In this regard, the search for new risk factors continues, the identification of which would allow to influence the mortality rate from cardiological causes. Today there is no doubt that inflammation factors and procoagulants circulating in the blood play an important role in the pathogenesis of vascular lesions and atherosclerosis5,6. It has been established that hyperhomocysteinia is an important risk factor for recurrent thrombosis, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular pathology7,8. Homocysteine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is not involved in the synthesis of protein. It is a demethylated derivative of the essential amino acid methionine, which in humans and animals is the only metabolic precursor of homocysteine. The low content of this potentially cytotoxic amino acid in the cells is ensured by its remethylation to methionine, by its transulfonation to cysteine, or by the formation of its oxidized forms9. During life, the average level of homocysteine increases by 3-5 Corresponding Author: Vorobyeva Nadezhda Viktorovna Department of Physical Education, professor, SouthWest State University, st. Hyperhomocysteinemia is diagnosed if the level of homocysteine in the blood exceeds 15 mol/l. Its plasma concentration of 15-30 mol/l indicates moderate hyperhomocysteinemia, from 30 to 100 mol/l - intermediate, and more than 100 mol/l - heavy7,8. Hyperhomocysteinemia negatively affects endothelial and smooth muscle cells of blood vessels, platelets, blood lipids, nitric oxide and coagulation factors9. In addition, it stimulates atherosclerosis, disrupts the vasomotor function and anticoagulant properties of endothelium10,11. For patients with coronary heart disease, regardless of the clinical form, elevated plasma homocysteine levels and episodes of painless myocardial ischemia are very characteristic12,13. According to modern concepts, the phenomenon of painless myocardial ischemia is found in 2­5% of the healthy population, in 30% of patients with post-infarction cardiosclerosis, and 40­ 100% of patients with stable and unstable angina14. The proportion of episodes of painless myocardial ischemia reaches 75­89% of the total number of cases of myocardial ischemia in these patients15,16. The detection of painless myocardial ischemia in combination with other high-risk criteria in a patient with coronary heart disease and confirmed angina pectoris is an indication for surgical treatment, since it significantly increases the likelihood of fatal cardiac complications in the near future17,18. Along with hyperhomocysteinemia, the presence of painless myocardial ischemia is now regarded as one of the risk factors for the development of complications of coronary heart disease, including myocardial infarction and prognostically unfavorable heart rhythm disturbances3,19. It is believed that the combination of hyperhomocysteinemia and episodes of painless myocardial ischemia worsens the course of coronary heart disease. A relationship was suggested between the level of homocysteine in blood plasma in patients with coronary heart disease and the incidence of episodes of painless myocardial ischemia due to the presence of moments in their pathogenesis and the point of application that damages the effects of hyperhomocysteinemia20,21. It is believed that metabolic elimination of hyperhomocysteinemia is possible with the help of vitamins22,23. When they are prescribed, there is a decrease in the initially elevated level of homocysteine in all cases24. The purpose of the study was to analyze the severity of homocysteinemia in patients with coronary heart disease with episodes of painless myocardial ischemia and its correction with a combination of vitamins B1, B6 and B12. Materials and Method the research was approved by the local ethical committee of the Russian State Social University on September 9, 2018 (protocol 9). To study the frequency and characteristics of painless myocardial ischemia, electrocardiography was used according to the standard method, twodimensional echocardiography, bicycle ergometry, electrocardiography with dosed physical activity after canceling antianginal therapy, except nitroglycerin, which was used in case of an angina attack. All patients with coronary heart disease were determined the concentration of homocysteine in plasma on the first and on the fourteenth day of observation. Blood sampling was carried out on an empty stomach after 12hour fasting from a cubital vein in an amount of 10 ml. For quantitative determination of total homocysteine in blood plasma by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, a test system from Axell Biochemicals (Oslo, Norway) was used. In addition to standard antianginal therapy, for the correction of hyperhomocysteinemia, patients additionally received B vitamins: B1 at a dose of 150 mg/day, B6 - 150 mg/day and B12 - 3 mg/day. The effectiveness of treatment was evaluated by re-determining the concentration of homocysteine in Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. Statistical processing of the data obtained in the studies was carried out using variation statistics based on the program Statistica 5. Table 1: the dynamics of the level of homocysteine in the plasma of patients with coronary heart disease while taking vitamins of group B Patient groups 1 group (n=20) 2 group (n=21) 3 group (n=21) Control group (n=22) the level of homocysteine, µmol/l, M±m for 1 day 11. Patients of group 1 showed a milder course of coronary heart disease, fewer complications than in groups 2-3.

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Mandibular two-implant overdentures as first choice standard of care for edentulous patients menstruation red tent best purchase lady era. IshikawaYet al Evaluations of Masticatory Performance of Complete Denture Wearers Using Color-Changeable Chewing Gum and Other Evaluating Method womens health kate beckinsale buy discount lady era line. Acomparison with new complete dentures not retained byimplantsa multicentre randomized clinical trial menstruation questions answers buy generic lady era 100mg on line. Within-subject comparisons of implant-supported mandibular prostheses: evaluation of masticatory function breast cancer 4 cm cheap lady era american express. The masticatory efficiency of mandibular implant-supported overdentures as compared with tooth-supported overdentures and complete dentures. Effect of implant-supported or retained dentures on masticatory performance: A systematic review. An eight-year follow-up to a randomized clinical trial of participant satisfaction with three types of mandibular implant-retained overdentures. Satisfaction level and masticatory capacity in edentulous patients with conventional dentures and implant-retained overdentures. To determine the effect of concept mapping on the clinical competency scores of nursing students. To compare the clinical competency scores of the subjects during the first few weeks of training in concept mapping Method: Quasi experimental research study with Posttest only design was used to accomplish the purpose of the study. The data collection tool comprised of assessment of 1) Baseline Performa of the students and 2) Concept map clinical grading rubric to evaluate the concept maps Result: Based on the findings of the study there was a significant improvement in the competency of concept map preparation. This was evidenced by the increase in competency scores from week one to week two and three. Conclusion: the technique was beneficial for the students as well as educators who had noticed change in the performance of the students who practiced the concept mapping technique. It also enhanced the students to prioritize the need and the care to be provided to the patient. Keywords: Concept mapping, clinical learning strategy, competency, nursing students. Therefore, its crucial to detect potential clinical difficulties experienced by the nursing students and identify appropriate ways to enhance their learning as well as academic and clinical outcome. Identifying factors affecting productivity among nursing students can help nursing educators to find ways to increase the learning as well as academic outcome1,2 Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. The researchers has observed that traditional nursing education is not optimal in promoting learning and is laden with problems4. Traditional education also known as basic, conventional education refers to long established customary education that society has traditionally used in schools. It is concerned with the teacher being the controller of the learning environment5. Recent advances in technology have unlocked entirely new directions for educational research. Many institutions are moving towards innovative method of teaching as a solution to produce graduates who are creative, think critically, be analytical and able to solve problem independently6. There are many different method like concept mapping, blended learning, e-learning, virtual and hybrid labs which are widely used today for teaching students. Concept mapping is the visual presentation of the key concepts in relation to a specific subject matter. They are useful tools that are utilized in order to represent the structure of knowledge in a form that is mentally compatible with the way human beings construct meaning. Concept mapping learning strategies in nursing education is expected to promote nursing students to be actively involved in self-regulated learning, to transform traditional one-way delivery of knowledge to cultivate patient-centered teaching and learning model4. There were not many studies done in India, especially in the clinical setting to assess the development of clinical competency in the application of theoretical knowledge to the clinical setting, the researcher felt the need to identify the effectiveness of concept mapping on the clinical competency scores of nursing students. Objective: To determine the effectiveness of concept mapping as a clinical learning strategy on the competency scores of nursing students only design was used to accomplish the purpose of the study. Statistical power analysis was calculated to determine the required sample size and was estimated as 100.

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Observe the background for presence or absence of other cells or debris womens health ukiah ca discount 100mg lady era free shipping, and general morphology and health of the colonies women's health clinic kingston ontario order lady era 100mg overnight delivery. It is necessary to continually adjust the microscope focus to identify all colonies present in the 3-dimensional culture and to distinguish individual colonies that are close together but in different planes of focus women's health clinic brampton purchase 100 mg lady era amex. Note: Move the dish from top to bottom rather than from left to right when counting women's health boutique houston buy lady era online pills. This will minimize the sensation of motion sickness common to individuals new to colony counting. Count colonies with a 4X objective and count all colonies containing more than 20 cells. For detailed descriptions and examples of colonies, refer to the Atlas of Hematopoietic Colonies from Cord Blood (Catalog #29940). Plating at different cell concentrations is recommended to assess progenitor frequencies (see Table 7). Produces a colony containing > 200 erythroblasts in single or multiple clusters and can be sub-classified based on the number of cells or cell clusters per colony, if desired. A multi-potential progenitor that produces a colony containing erythroblasts and cells of at least 2 other recognizable lineages. Note the small size of the individual cells and the reddish color due to hemoglobinization of the erythroblasts. Note the dense core of cells at the center of the colony and the individual cells distinguishable at the periphery. Monocyte/macrophage cells tend to be larger and more irregular in shape than granulocytes. Note that each cluster is present on a similar plane with comparable cellular morphology. These features can be used to assist in distinguishing between individual colonies that are close together. A higher magnification may be required to confirm that the colony contains reddish hemoglobinized erythroblasts. A dense core of erythroid clusters and recognizable granulocyte and macrophage cells at the periphery. It depends on the overall colony density in the dish to determine whether this colony should be counted separately or considered as part of the larger colony. The colony on the left is derived from a more immature progenitor, as it is larger. The cells also show a greater degree of hemoglobinization, which is apparent by the reddish color of the colony. The colony on the right is derived from a more mature progenitor, as it is smaller. This distinction would be made by estimating the number of cells within the colony. To avoid dehydration, ensure that water dishes are used and the water-jacketed incubator chamber contains a water pan filled with water. As some immature hematopoietic progenitor cells are very mobile, even in semi-solid medium, the distance between individual clusters of one colony. This is due to a shorter time for cells within the colony to proliferate and fill the spaces. To decide whether different clusters belong to the same or different colonies, it is important to examine the context, size, and morphology of the clusters. If clusters in close proximity to each other are of similar size and morphology, they are likely to belong to the same colony. If adjacent clusters are different in size and/or show different morphologies and the colony density in the dish is high (> 50 colonies per 35 mm dish), the clusters likely belong to different colonies. Photos C through J show the same colonies as in A and B, but at a 50X magnification.

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Most of the heavy metals were found below their detectable limits (Pb2+ menstruation 4 phases order lady era on line, Cd2+ menstruation related disorders purchase lady era 100 mg, Cu2+ women's health issues mayo clinic purchase lady era 100mg otc, Cr3+ womens health honesdale pa generic lady era 100mg on-line, and As2+). Some of the heavy metals were in highly increased values (Fe2+, Al2+) almost in selected species. In few locations the content of As2+ and Mn2+ in lower levels were deposited on some species. The results obtained from the analysis shown that the heavy metals were emitted from various combustion processes and other anthropogenic activities. The tree species selected can be used in bio monitoring as bio indicators of increased Fe2+, Al2+ in the ambient air. Keywords: Heavy metals, Bio Monitoring, Bio Indicators, Species, Deposition, Correlation. Introduction Pollution due to air is one of the major issues in heavily populated towns and cities, which mainly begins from fast and unsystematic development of industrialization and urbanization1,2. As human undergone industrialization the quantity of waste thrown away in the ambience starts to increase enormously. This increased population and industries force the environment as highly polluted3,4. Out of various pollutants heavy metals are one of the major pollutants in the cities due to various anthropogenic activities such as emission from combustion processes, automobile exhaust and disposal from industries5,6. Heavy metals distributed in the local and regional areas are not clearly defined but they worsen the quality of air7. The study and analysis of heavy metal pollution in the environment is very important and interest due to their severe and harmful health disorders. The characteristics of air, water and soil, microbial activities and growth of vegetation are greatly disturbed by heavy metals8,9. Heavy metals are also named as silent killer when they are exceeding their values of 5gm/m3 but they are generally specified as toxic metals. Hence the testing of heavy metals is an important mechanism to improve and regulate the environmental impact assessment in developed and developing cities and towns10. Bio monitoring is one of the simplest and cheapest method for detecting heavy metal concentration in the ambient air11,12. Plant bio monitoring is the better choice for determining the air quality compared to other conventional method because of its cheapness and easy to carry out the work. Monitoring by equipment poses the problem in setting the proper stations and also suitable for confined areas but plant species are readily available and existing at all places and easy to monitor13. The plant called as a good bio monitor, when it should be widespread in the topography and to find and collect at the time of sampling 14. Bio indicators give the feasible way of estimating the pollutant level in the environment and it has been used for several years to examine the Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. Plants absorbed the various air borne pollutants thereby reducing the pollutant level. The degree of absorption and adsorption capacity differs from plant to plant without showing any toxic effects and they are acting as a sink for gases, particulate matters and toxic heavy metals15. Lower plants like mosses and lichens are acting as ideal bio indicators but it is difficult to plant in the urban areas and in industrial areas, higher plants can serve this purpose. Different types of higher species are used as bio indicators to monitor and detect the heavy metal pollution 16,17,18. The dust deposited on the tree leaves predict the level of heavy metal contamination in the environment 19. Most of the countries are successfully using the different types of species as bio indicators for analyzing the various levels of pollutant in the atmospheric air 20. The purpose of this study is to determine the present levels of atmospheric trace element pollution in the Kanchipurm town. Therefore, two different plant species such as Saraca Asoca and Terminalla Cattappa were selected as potential biomonitors of trace elements including iron, lead, copper, zinc, Aluminum, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and manganese (mg/ Kg, dry weight). The samples were collected from two different heights of each tree species as high point and low point. Inductively coupled Mass spectrometry was used to determine the concentrations of trace elements. Study Area: Kanchipuram is one of the districts in the northeast of the state of Tamil Nadu in India and 72 km (45 mi) from Chennai.