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By: A. Mamuk, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Deputy Director, West Virginia University School of Medicine

Constitution and as interpreted by the courtsnamely anti fungal acne buy generic mentax canada, the idea of fundamental rights as expressed through the concepts of liberty fungus causes order mentax mastercard, justice anti yeast vegetables buy cheap mentax 15gm, and equality fungus gnats eating plants purchase mentax online now. Student materials include readings, worksheets, hypothetical problems, and case studies. The educational package can be obtained by contacting the Director of Law-Related Education, Nebraska State Bar Association, P. The Bill of Rights: A Law-Related Curriculum for High School Students (1988) by Steve Jenkins, Wayne Kunz, and Alan H. Frank this package includes twelve lessons on the Bill that focuses on Bill of Rights and Fourteenth Amendment issues; focuses attention on the local government process, so often given inadequate attention in the curriculum; and shows students the very real influence that individuals can bring to bear in the resolution of local issues, thereby encouraging participation in the demoeratic process. Each les- son includes goals and objectives, teaching instructions, student materials, activities, and media resources. This compilation of lessons can be obtained by contacting the Nebraska Siate Bar As- sociation, Law-Related Education Project, 635 South 14th Street, P. This educational unit focuses on the individual and personal freedom expressed in the Bill of Rights. Through a story format of an animal cone nlunity, primary students will make decisions about important fundamental freedoms by considering conflicts in which the animals find them170 the Bill of Rhts and You (1990) by Steve Jenkins, Linda Riekes, Roger Goldman, and Patricia C. By and for the People: Constitutional Rights in American this junior high/middle school text is about his- tory and how that history affects our everyday lives. The text will help students to develop a new understanding of the crucial relationship between the past and the present; develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that will enable them to explore important historical and contemporary issues and themes; develop a greater understanding of the historical origins, fundamental principles, and present-day applications of the Bill of Rights; recognize that the protection of the Bill of Rights depends upon active citizen involvement; and apply their understanding of the Bill of Rights to their rights and responsibilities as citizens. The text and the resource manual can be obtained by contacting the Law and Citizenship Education Unit of die St. This collection of eleven essays by noted historians places the constitutional rights of individuals in historical perspective. Secondary school teachers of history will be able to use these essays to plan lessons and conduct classroom discussions; glossaries, bibliographies, and court case lists are included. The publication is organized by content according to constitutional issues to be taught. The Table of Lessons designates the theme or major concepts contained in each lesson and the instructional level intended by the author. Much of the material in this book is easily adaptable to a variety of grade levels; therefore, elementary lessons may be entirely appropriate for middle school instruction, and vice versa. The lessons are organized in an easy-tofollow format beginning with an overview of the content, including a rationale for integrating it into the curriculum. Each lesson designates an instructional level and recommended length of instruc- gestions for further reading, classroom activities, discussion, and hypothetical legal dilemmas. This sixteen-minute video program is a chronicle of the creation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the basic rights and freedoms promised to all Americans. This program, produced by the National Park Service to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Constitution, features many national historic sites where events leading to the signature of these two charters of freedom occurred. The video can be obtained by contacting the National Archives National Audio-visual Center, (800)-63813(X) or Eastern National Parks and Monuments Msociation, P. Student "handouts" and other materials are identified along with step-by-step instructional procedures. This program can be obtained by contacting Virginia DeRoze, Adult Ed- ucation Programs, Commission on the Bicentennial of the U. Democracy and Rights (1989) by the Anti-Defamation this thirty-minute video, features twenty-six sixty-second video spots on the Constitution, the Constitutional Convention, and issues of the day. This thirty-three-minute video and discussion guide tells the story of the "Little Rock Nine," the during 1991 and 1992. The video is hosted by noted personalities and can be obtained by contacting Lou Reda Inc. The Constitution Is for Kids Too (1987) by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. A Design for Liberty: the American Constitution (1987) this packet for elementary students includes ways to use the book, teaching strategies and four- teen activities designed to actively engage students in learning about rights of individuals in a democratic society. This community education project is designed to help people rediscover fundamental constitutional principles and understand how the United States constitution and Bill of Rights affect them. The project includes four illustrated discussion booklets that weave together a discussion of the American political heritage, system of government and evolving contemporary social and political issues. This twenty-eight-minute video program, using pictures and quotations from the founding period of the United States, discusses the idea of liberty as it was understood by the revolutionary generation and how the concern for the preservation of liberty culminated in the writing of the Constitution in 1787.

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Since a period of latency in the psychological sense does not occur in animals fungus gnats extension cheap mentax amex, it would be very interesting to know whether the anatomical findings which have led these writers to assume the occurrence of two peaks in sexual development are also demonstrable in the higher animals fungus gnats on indoor plants cheap mentax online master card. Education will not be trespassing beyond its appropriate domain if it limits itself to following the lines which have already been laid down organically and to impressing them somewhat more clearly and deeply fungus medicine mentax 15 gm without a prescription. Thus the activity of those impulses does not cease even during this period of latency fungus gnats texas generic mentax 15 gm with amex, though their energy is diverted, wholly or in great part, from their sexual use and directed to other ends. To this we would add, accordingly, that the same process plays a part in the development of the individual and we would place its beginning in the period of sexual latency of childhood. On the one hand, it would seem, the sexual impulses cannot be utilized during these years of childhood, since the reproductive functions have been deferred-a fact which constitutes the main feature of the period of latency. They consequently evoke opposing mental forces (reacting impulses) which, in order to suppress this unpleasure effectively, build up the mental dams that I have already mentioned-disgust, shame and morality. But in general it is possible to distinguish the concepts of sublimation and reaction-formation from each other as two different processes. From time to time a fragmentary manifestation of sexuality which has evaded sublimation may break through; or some sexual activity may persist through the whole duration of the latency period until the sexual instinct emerges with greater intensity at puberty. We, on the other hand, have every reason for turning our attention to these phenomena which are so much dreaded by education, for we may expect them to help us to discover the original configuration of the sexual instincts. There is no question of the purpose of this procedure being the taking of nourishment. A portion of the lip itself, the tongue, or any other part of the skin within reach-even the big toe-may be taken as the object upon which this sucking is carried out. In this connection a grasping-instinct may appear and may manifest itself as a simultaneous rhythmic tugging at the lobes of the ears or a catching hold of some part of another person (as a rule the ear) for the same purpose. Sensual sucking involves a complete absorption of the attention and leads either to sleep or even to a motor reaction in the nature of an orgasm. Lindner himself2 clearly recognized the sexual nature of this activity and emphasized it without qualification. Their objection raises a difficult question and one which cannot be evaded: what is the general characteristic which enables us to recognize the sexual manifestations of children It is well known that unscrupulous nurses put crying children to sleep by stroking their genitals. In its place the following paragraph appears in the editions of 1905 and 1910 only: `No observer has felt any doubt as to the sexual nature of this activity. Nevertheless, the best theories formed by adults in regard to this example of the sexual behaviour of children leave us in the lurch. In the simplest case he proceeds to find this satisfaction by sucking rhythmically at some part of the skin or mucous membrane. It is also easy to guess the occasions on which the child had his first experiences of the pleasure which he is now striving to renew. It is impossible to describe what a lovely feeling goes through your whole body when you suck; you are right away from this world. What psycho-analysis regards as the essential point is not the genesis of the excitation, but the question of its relation to an object. To begin with, sexual activity attaches itself to one of the functions serving the purpose of self-preservation and does not become independent of them until later. The need for repeating the sexual satisfaction now becomes detached from the need for taking nourishment-a separation which becomes inevitable when the teeth appear and food is no longer taken in only by sucking, but is also chewed up. The child does not make use of an extraneous body for his sucking, but prefers a part of his own skin because it is more convenient, because it makes him independent of the external world, which he is not yet able to control, and because in that way he provides himself, as it were, with a second erotogenic zone, though one of an inferior kind. The inferiority of this second region is among the reasons why at a later date he seeks the corresponding part-the lips-of another person. It may be assumed that those children do so in whom there is a constitutional intensification of the erotogenic significance of the labial region. If that significance persists, these same children when they are grown up will become epicures in kissing, will be inclined to perverse kissing, or, if males, will have a powerful motive for drinking and smoking. If, however, repression ensues, they will feel disgust at food and will produce hysterical vomiting. The repression extends to the nutritional instinct owing to the dual purpose served by the labial zone. Many2 of my women patients who suffer from disturbances of eating, globus hystericus, constriction of the throat and vomiting, have indulged energetically in sucking during their childhood. Our study of thumb-sucking or sensual sucking has already given us the three essential characterisitics of an infantile sexual manifestation.

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Junior level students who are not members of a defined student group are listed in order of number of completed units including units in progress japanese antifungal cream cheap 15gm mentax. They are mixed together then ordered by the total number of units including units in progress fungus grotto mentax 15gm sale. Then sophomore students who are Leavey Scholars or Military Science students are mixed together and ordered by number of completed units and including units in progress antifungal medication for cats order mentax 15 gm on-line. Following this group are sophomores who are not members of a defined priority group and they fall in order by number of units including those units in progress antifungal hair treatment order cheapest mentax and mentax. Next are the freshmen level Leavey Scholars or Military Science students who are then mixed together and ordered by the number of completed units and those in progress. Freshmen level students who are not members of a defined student group are listed in order of number of completed units including units in progress. Again note that the groups listed under the "Group" heading are mixed together then ordered by number of units completed and also takes into consideration units in progress. Registration is subject to full payment of tuition, room and board charges, and other fees associated with enrollment. The University reserves the right to deny registration to any student for reasonable cause. Santa Clara students may not be concurrently enrolled at another college or university except for extraordinary reasons with the approval of the Drahmann Center. Students register for classes via University eCampus during the time assigned by the Office of the Registrar. Students who do not complete registration during the initial registration period may do so during the published late registration period for the term. Initial registration for a term or class additions are not accepted after the last day of the late registration period. Students not formally registered for credits by the end of the first week of the quarter, will be automatically discontinued from Santa Clara University. Students wishing to re-enroll with the University must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing of their intent to return using the Returning Student Form and should consult with a University Adviser in the Drahmann Center to review their academic plans. Students with a "hold" on their eCampus account must reconcile the "hold" prior being approved to re-enroll. During the first week of each term, students may change their original registration schedule by adding and dropping classes in accordance with the procedures established by the Office of the Registrar. During the second, third, and fourth weeks of the term, a student may drop a class without receiving a mark of "W" for the class on their academic record. From the fifth week to the end of the seventh week of the term, a student may drop a class and receive a mark of "W" for the class on their academic record. Students who do not complete a course and do not drop the class in accordance with the required procedures will receive an appropriate grade in the class. Students who have not earned 44 units, including transfer credit, may not enroll in upper-division courses without the written approval of the instructor, and the chair of the department offering the course. This restriction does not apply to upper-division foreign language courses for which a student has demonstrated sufficient proficiency or to engineering courses in the major program. Students may not sit in a class without formally enrolling in the class and will not receive academic credit. Registration must be completed in accordance with the regulations, procedures, and dates in the Fall 2015 Undergraduate Deadlines & Registration Information virtual booklet, before the end of the add period is required for any student to receive academic credit for any course. Students who do not attend the first day of a class may be subject to administrative cancellation of their enrollment in that class in order to make space available to other students. A student who must miss the first day of a class and wishes to remain in the course should contact the instructor in advance. No student who misses the first day of a class should assume that they have been dropped from the course. Students are responsible for checking the status of their enrollment in all courses prior to the end of the late registration period. The registration system will not allow you to register for classes if you have a hold. Students who do not fit into the above category may enroll in no more than 19 units during the second registration window. To add a 2 unit or 1 unit course, an Add/Drop Form which can be found at.


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Fasting and postprandial blood glucose fungus gnats kill seedlings discount mentax 15gm otc, lipid profile should be ordered to detect diabetes and dyslipidaemia anti fungal yeast supplement buy mentax uk. Ultrasound examination of pelvic organs should be performed for uterus size fungus in ear buy mentax 15 gm online, fibroid fungus cave neopets mentax 15gm with amex, ovarian cyst or malignancy. Only after all the above findings are favourable that an oral contraceptive be selected and prescribed. Though the progress of labour in this case is tardy and uterine contractions are relatively weak, there are signs of foetal distress (passage of meconium stained liquor, rapid foetal heart becoming irregular during uterine contraction). The mother should not be administered an oxytocic drug, because stronger uterine contractions are likely to worsen foetal distress and pose risk to the baby. The mother is also not in a fit condition to endure the stress of a difficult labour. Rocuronium is the preferred muscle relaxant for tracheal intubation and short lasting muscle relaxation in this patient. Rocuronium, on the other hand, is a nondepolarizing blocker which does not trigger loss of intracellular K+. Labour pain as well as that due to stretching of the birth canal can be largely relieved by spinal as well as epidural anaesthesia. It is desirable, at the same time, not to produce motor block so that the mother can actively participate in the process of labour. Out of these, bupivacaine is more suitable for this purpose for the following reasons: Contd. Less drug is likely to cross to the foetus, reducing chances of neonatal depression. Alcohol exerts anticonvulsant action while its concentration in the brain is rising or is maintained. This is followed by lowering of seizure threshold when the concentration falls and becomes zero. Thus, recurrence of seizures in this patient could most likely be due to the temporarily increased susceptibility to seizures caused by withdrawal of alcohol from the brain. Since this lowering of seizure threshold is a short-term problem, no abrupt change in antiepileptic medication or alteration of dose is warranted at this stage. The patient should be kept under observation for few days/weeks and decision about further antiepileptic therapy taken only on the basis of the subsequent course of events. Since this patient does not require a hypnotic on regular basis, there is no identifiable cause of occasional sleep onset difficulty and he has tried non-drug measures, he can be prescribed a hypnotic to be kept handy for use when required. Because there is only sleep onset difficulty, and he will take the drug only later at night (after going to bed as usual), he needs a short acting hypnotic which would be free of residual effect next morning. The husband of the patient should be instructed that at the first sign of a seizure attack the patient should be laid on bed or ground in the prone or lateral position with neck extended to ensure free airway. A wooden/plastic gag should be placed between the teeth to prevent biting of tongue. These instructions should be shared will other family members, so that anyone who is closeby may do the needful. Because the patient has a history of head trauma and two seizure attacks have occurred within one week, the probability of developing epilepsy is high. As such, antiepileptic medication should be started rightaway without waiting for test reports or further fits to occur. Antiepileptics with proven efficacy in post-head injury tonic-clonic seizures are phenobarbitone, phenytoin, carbamazepine and valproate. Since the patient is a young active lady, phenobarbitone with sedative/cognitive side effects, phenytoin with gum hyperplasia, hirsutism and other cosmetic side effects, and valproate with tremor and weight gain would be less suitable.

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Initial and refresher training is offered by the Chemical Hygiene Officer as well as the Manager of Environmental Health & Safety fungus gnats bug zapper mentax 15gm otc. Introduction Some workspaces at Harper College are considered to be "confined" because their configurations hinder the activities of any employees who must enter into antifungal for yeast buy mentax 15 gm with visa, work in fungus gnats removal purchase 15 gm mentax visa, and exit from them antifungal underarm order mentax cheap online. In many instances, employees who work in confined spaces also face increased risk of exposure to serious physical injury from hazards such as entrapment, engulfment, and hazardous atmospheric conditions. Confinement itself may pose entrapment hazards, and work in confined spaces may keep employees closer to hazards, such as asphyxiating atmosphere, than they would be otherwise. For example, confinement, limited access, and restricted airflow can result in hazardous conditions that would not arise in an open workplace. Is large enough and so configured that an employee can bodily enter and perform assigned work and; 2. Has limited or restricted means for entry or exit (examples: tanks, boilers, and pits) and; 3. Contains or has a potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere; Contains a material that has the potential for engulfing an entrant; Has an internal configuration such that an entrant could be trapped or asphyxiated by inwardly converging walls or by a floor which slopes downward and tapers to a smaller cross-section; Contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazard. Confined Space Hazards Every confined space must be evaluated for these four types of hazards. The three types of atmospheric hazards are often the most difficult to identify since they are normally invisible. The oxygen level inside a confined space may be decreased as the result of either consumption or displacement. Oxygen is consumed during combustion of flammable materials, as in welding, cutting, or brazing. A more subtle consumption of oxygen occurs during bacterial action, as in the fermentation process. Oxygen can also be consumed during chemical reactions such as in the formation of rust on the exposed surfaces 97 Harper College Environmental Health & Safety Procedure Manual of a confined space. The number of people working in a confined space and the amount of physical activity can also influence oxygen consumption. Oxygen levels can also be reduced as the result of oxygen displacement by other gases. Oxygen-enriched atmospheres are those atmospheres which contain an oxygen concentration greater than 22%. An oxygen- enriched atmosphere will cause flammable materials such as clothing and hair to burn violently when ignited. Combustible gases or vapors can accumulate within a confined space when there is inadequate ventilation. Gases that are heavier than air will accumulate in the lower levels of a confined space. Therefore, it is especially important that atmospheric tests be conducted near the bottom of all confined spaces. Work such as spray painting, coating, or the use of flammable solvents for cleaning can result in the formation of an explosive atmosphere. Welding or cutting with oxyacetylene equipment can also be the cause of an explosion in a confined space and shall not be allowed without a hot work permit. Oxygen and acetylene hoses may have small leaks in them which could generate an explosive atmosphere and, therefore, should be removed when not in use. The atmosphere shall be tested continuously while any hot work is being conducted within the confined space. The product can also produce toxic vapors which will remain in the atmosphere due to poor ventilation. The Work Being Conducted in the Confined Space Toxic atmospheres can be generated as the result of work being conducted inside the confined space. Examples of such work include: Welding or brazing with metals capable of producing toxic vapors, painting, scraping, sanding, etc. Many of the solvents used for cleaning and/or degreasing produce highly toxic vapors.

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