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By: P. Sven, M.B. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Co-Director, Albany Medical College

Thus blood pressure chart emergency generic plavix 75 mg on-line, enhancement and maintenance of soil regenerative capacity is essential for the sustainability of agriculture and for meeting basic needs of rising population of country blood pressure procedure 75 mg plavix. Although quantitative estimate is not available blood pressure medication side effects cough cheap plavix on line, contribution of soil in agricultural production during pre-green revolution period was assumed to be higher than during later period when seed blood pressure 44 generic plavix 75 mg line, water, fertilizers and agrochemicals played larger role (Yadav et al. As majority of essential nutrient elements are taken up by plant roots, quality of rhizospheric environment is important for higher fertilizer nutrient use efficiency and agricultural profitability. Optimum root proliferation, proper vertical air diffusion and absence of any adverse interactions among soil constituents are some of the soil criteria which determine rhizosphere quality for higher nutrient use efficiency. Beside several inappropriate agricultural management practices, excessive build-up of several elements/compounds has been attributed to declining soil quality in and around the root zone. Wide variation in climates, land topography, soil types are some of the major drivers responsible for such large biodiversity. However, with the progress of modern civilization, humans additionally use land as a dumping site for solid 1. Except in forest ecosystem at far away from pollution activities, positive balances of heavy metals have been estimated during computation of trace elements budget (KabataPendias and Pendias 1992). This is due to their higher rate of inputs through fertilizers, sludges, manures, residue recycling, atmospheric inputs etc. In the quest of rapid growth in the national economy, India is increasingly pushing forth for rapid urbanization, industrialization and transportation; all of which are competing for agriculturally important natural resources like land and water. From 2001 to 2010, it was observed that each state lost about 1% of its total geographical area due to diversion of agricultural land for urban expansion and magnitude of such diversion has been increasing steadily (Pandey and Seto 2015). Large scale urbanization, industrialization and associated environmental alteration and their impact on soil quality pose a threat to biodiversity as evident from the extensive studies conducted at several developed countries. Although industry has several adverse impacts on agriculture, their influential & dependency relationship is many a times quite complex because of the unlimited human need. Different agricultural and industrial requirements and activities affecting environment and human life and their relationships are depicted below in. Above complex relationships among different economic and social sectors and associated activities indicate that most of the anthropogenic activities are essential for meeting expectations and need of increasing population and socio-economic development of the country; and any such developmental activities leaves irreparable damage to the environment including its natural resources. This is a transition period for many developing economies like India to strike a balance between industrial development and environmental protection so as to feed the bulging population adequately with quality food as well as to improve the comfort and quality of lifestyle. Although considerable researches are being conducted by different institutes under Indian Council of Agricultural Research as well as by State Agricultural Universities to address the issues of declining soil quality due to faulty agricultural practices, insufficient research efforts have been put to address the issue of soil and water pollution arising from high inputs of contaminated fertilizers, soil amendments and agro-chemicals. In the early Anthropocene, rural population dominated but in the last 70­80 years, urban centers expanded rapidly with higher concentrations of people. These urban centers and their encompassing ecosystems initiated a new set of environmental problems mostly related to land surface sealing, water use, waste management, and an insatiable appetite for food, fiber and energy needs. Apart from the threat of land consumption by non-agricultural activities like urbanization, transport and industrialization, soil contamination by different pollutants has become a major cause for deterioration of its health; and in the long run the polluted soil may not be fit to grow food which in turn may affect Indian economy directly or indirectly through reduction in raw material supply to industries and emergence of several socio-economic problems. Urbanization and industrialization exploited natural resources and damaged the environment through their activities at every phases and processes of operation. It is evident from several environmental tragedies that pollution from various sources particularly from industries and mining had negative impact on environment which was mostly irreversible in nature, and cause extinction of species resulting in loss of unique genetic resources of valuable use. In agro-ecosystem, soil pollution is caused by the presence of xenobiotic chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment by industrial activity, agricultural chemicals, or improper disposal of waste. The most common chemicals involved are petroleum hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, pharmaceutical products, solvents, pesticides, lead, and other heavy metals. Impact of pollution on soil is quite alarming and introduction of these hazardous chemicals into the soil environment results in huge disturbances to the ecological balance of soil and injures health of living creatures on earth. The European Commission has established a framework based on common principles and objectives to address the different facets of soil degradation, where member countries identified the issues and location of problems and devised their own strategies to address those problems. However, almost all the emphasis has been given to air and water pollution, probably due to higher mobility of toxicants towards organisms through these matrices. Unlike many developed countries, the information and awareness on pollution of land resource and it impact is lacking in the country. About 60% of the geographical area of the country is occupied by agricultural land, most of which is facing one or more kind degradation stresses. The data given by different agencies on soil degradation mainly focus on physical aspects of soil deterioration like erosion, waterlogging etc. In many developed countries like in North America and Western Europe, extent of contaminated land been estimated with many of these having a legal framework to identify and deal with the environmental problems.

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Often a leader is placed in a situation involving conflicting information or conflicting interpretations of that information hypertension hypokalemia order plavix with a mastercard. Although the successful leader carefully considers and compares all positions prehypertension pregnancy purchase generic plavix canada, he or she is most influenced by internal directives arteria jugularis interna cheap plavix 75 mg with visa. The leader must know the state of everything in the organization 5 hypertension plavix 75mg overnight delivery, and the only way to stay informed is to measure all human activity. Every person in an organization must be as selfrenewing as the organization itself. As self-renewal is dependent on learning, the leader must develop and implement a total learning system consisting of accessible resources. With such a system, each person can learn whatever needs to be learned, whenever it needs to be learned, in the most effective way. Copyright © 1998 Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer 111 Then he or she must exhibit and promote behaviors that build esteem and must work to rid the organization of behaviors that destroy esteem. This is perhaps the most difficult of the leader values and behaviors; it asks that the leader subjugate personal objectives. The leader is obligated to take the organization and its members beyond the current boundaries of performance. Employees at all levels are finding that collaboration is preferable to conflict and frequently even to individual effort. The effective leader encourages team development and uses it as a force for greater productivity and quality. Responding appropriately requires that the leader be able to switch gears, see a surprise as an opportunity, and act quickly on that opportunity. Sports champions are not the only ones who mentally rehearse activities in order to enhance performance; many successful leaders do, too. In effect, the leader creates a mental video for replay in a real situation in the future. The shorter the time between rehearsal and actual performance, the greater the impact of the rehearsal. The leader may act alone in response to his or her own values or may consult others-followers, for instance-and lead them in a brainstorming session to increase the number of options. Copyright © 1998 Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer For example, "generate renewal," a value/behavior discussed in the previous section, might lead to a group-brainstormed list of options like the following: 1. Develop and conduct a three-day training session on creativity for all employees; 2. Design a program for recognizing and rewarding individual and group creativity; 3. Hire a creativity consultant to identify which organizational activities suffer from a lack of creativity; 4. Hold an annual creativity fair at which organizational members present the products of their creativity; 5. Train all employees in stress-management techniques so that they feel free to release their creativity; 6. Start a creativity newsletter to provide organizational members with tools and techniques for enhancing creativity; 7. Stop all normal organizational activity for two hours once a week so that people can concentrate on unleashing their creativity; 8. Require every member of senior management to develop an annual creativity plan for his or her part of the organization; 9. Have each member of the organization develop a personal creativity plan with a checklist to measure conformance to the standards of the plan; and 14. Incorporate a requirement of one new product (or service) per quarter for each business unit. There may be other variables that come into play, depending on the leader, the organization, and the specific group members involved. Each organization needs to decide which leadership values will drive its functioning.

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