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By: T. Mufassa, M.A.S., M.D.

Deputy Director, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

Outer membrane proteins of Brucella abortus vaccinal and field strains and their immune response in buffaloes asthma symptoms one year old order singulair 4mg free shipping. Veterinary microbiology and Microbial 2346Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development asthma treatment toddler singulair 5 mg fast delivery, March 2020 asthma symptoms 4 year old cheap singulair 10mg amex, Vol asthmatic bronchitis prednisone singulair 10mg without a prescription. Method: this Quantitative research using correlation design with a cross-sectional study approach. Result: the results showed that there was a relationship between self-efficacy and quality of life of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (p = 0. Conclusion: this finding suggests to nurses for educating their patients about self-efficacy. Various complications can arise due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels, such as neuropathy, hypertension, coronary heart disease, retinopathy, nephropathy and gangrene. They need treatment from all health teams and have to involve individuals with diabetes mellitus themselves. Diabetes mellitus has an impact on the quality of human resources and a considerable increase in health costs. Management of diabetes mellitus must be arranged by physicians, nurses, nutritionists and other health workers. According to Bandura (1994), efficacy is self-assessment, whether a person can do well or poor actions, right or wrong, able or unable to work according to what is required. A small scale study stated that most respondents were very satisfied with the current treatment, duration of patient treatment of diabetes mellitus. The results collected from the impact and concern of respondents were having poor sleep quality. Diabetes mellitus occupies the fifth-ranked out of ten main causes of death in Makassar in 2007 with a total of 65 cases. Based on data from the Makassar Health Office, the incidence of diabetes mellitus in 2011 was 5700 cases. Patients behave a negative attitude towards diabetes mellitus, will have complications and eventually lead to death. Interventions needed to maintain quality of life and avoid complications in patients with diabetes mellitus. Based on these descriptions the researchers need to examine how self-efficacy affects the quality of life of patients with diabetes mellitus. The population was all Diabetes Mellitus patients treated at Pelamonia Makassar Hospital. The sample in this study comprised 54 respondents who meet the inclusion criteria. Data collection was carried out in two ways, namely primary data and secondary data collection, primary data collected by direct observation of patients using the selfefficacy questionnaire. Data analysis was intended to answer the research objectives and examine the research hypotheses to determine the association of independent variables toward the dependent variable by using a statistical test with a significance level = 0. The statistic test used was Chi-square with an alternative is the Fisher exact test (if the expected value of one or more cells less than 5). Results Univariate analysis in this study aims to see an overview of frequency distribution based on the characteristics of respondents (age, gender, education level and occupation). Characteristic of respondents Characteristics Gender Male Female Age Group 40-50 years 51-60 years 61-70 years 71-80 years Education Level Not school Elementary Yunior high school Senior high scholl Higher education Occupation Unemployed Private sector Civil servant Frequency n=54 18 36 1 2 15 36 2 8 9 22 13 32 9 13 Percent 33,3 66,7 1,9 3,7 27,8 66,7 3,7 14,8 16,7 40,7 24,1 59,3 16,7 24,1 Method this research was conducted in June-September 2018 at Pelamonia Hospital Makassar. This study used quantitative research by correlation design with a crosssectional study approach. This was intended to gain an overview relation between two or more research variables. It is apparent from Table 1 that the majority of 2348Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. Characteristics respondents based on variables Variables Self-efficacy High Low Quality of life High Low Frequency n=54 43 11 39 15 Percent 79,6 20,4 72,2 27,8 mellitus patients in Pelamonia Hospital Makassar (p=0,006<0,05). Discussion An overview of the self-efficacy of type-2 diabetes mellitus patients at Pelamonia Hospital Makassar based on the analysis results found that 43 respondents (79. The results of the statistical analysis using the Chi-square test in this study showed a significant relationship between self-efficacy and quality of life toward type-2 diabetes mellitus patients (p = 0.

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A review by Gonzalez et al7 also supports the use of self-report in medications adherence asthma nebulizer purchase singulair 10mg on-line. In this study the adherence level was better in those who were females asthmatic bronchitis elderly cheap 5 mg singulair otc, aged less than 50 years asthma treatment kids buy genuine singulair on line, literate asthma treatment besides inhalers buy cheap singulair 4mg, unemployed, family support and those belonging to the upper socio-economic class, but the differences were not statistically significant. A study in France also reported similar adherence levels among males and females16. Participants diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus within the last 5 years were more adherent to medications. The reason could be because of their concern of the disease and its complications. Participants who exercised regularly, followed diabetic diet and who had a coexisting chronic condition also were more adherent to medications, probably reflecting their concern on their own health. On the contrary a study done in 2012 by White et al demonstrated that those with a higher mean duration of Diabetes had more adherence. The effect of Diabetes related stress, perceived control and self efficacy on medication adherence is complex as described by Gonzalez et al17. The main consequence of poor adherence to medications for glycemic control leads to the known complications of diabetes, including microvascular and macrovascular diseases and altered lipid metabolism. So patients should be counseled on diabetic diet and regular physical activity as these can likely lead to good adherence. Adequate, information on diabetes and anti diabetic medications must be provided to all diabetic patients. The benefits of drug therapy and the factors related to non adherence must be stressed in health education session and measures like family support, daily reminder for medication must be made to reduce non adherence level. Programme related modifiable factors like cost, availability of nearby health facility and ensuring availability of free drugs is important to strengthen the Non-Communicable disease programmes, based on the community needs. Health programmes should be framed to deliver intensive education regarding the diabetes, its symptoms and various lifestyle modifications like change in dietary pattern, physical exercise, weight management, in order to control the sugar levels. The role of health professionals is considerable in providing most effective health care. Patients should be encouraged to appropriately use anti diabetic drugs and regular awareness should be created regarding the benefits of using them, thereby preventing the non adherence. Acknowledgments: Authors would like to thank all, who extended their knowledge and guidance to this study. Last but not least author would like to thank study participants, without whom, this study would not have been possible. Funding: No funding source Conflict of Interest: None declared Ethical Approval: this study was registered with Institutional Human Ethical Committee. Non-adherence and contributing factors among ambulatory patients with antidiabetic medications in Adama Referral Hospital. Factors contributing to non-compliance among diabetics attending primary health centers in the Al Hasa district of Saudi Arabia. Adherence to anti diabetic medication among patients with diabetes in eastern Uganda; a cross sectional study. Medication adherence to antidiabetic therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. A study on medication non-adherence in ambulatory diabetic patients and need for pharmacist intervention for improving patient adherence. Factors contributing to nonadherence to medication among type 2 diabetes mellitus in patients attending tertiary care hospital Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. Self care and medication adherence among type 2 diabetics in Puducherry, Southern India: A hospital based study. Compliance to antidiabetic drugs: observations from the diabetic clinic of a medical college in kolkata, India. Factors contributing to nonadherence to oral hypoglycemic medications among ambulatory type 2 diabetes patients in Southwestern Nigeria. Adherence to prescribed oral hypoglycaemic medication in a population of patients with Type 2 diabetes: a retrospective cohort study.

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  • Impaired adrenal gland function (called Addison disease or Addison-like phenotype) -- adrenal gland does not produce enough steroid hormones
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Fungus or yeast cause changes in the color, texture, and shape of the nails.
  • Narcotic pain medication, such as methadone and codeine
  • Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
  • Tendinitis