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By: I. Nafalem, M.A.S., M.D.

Medical Instructor, Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans

Opinions on Kampo and reasons for using it-results from a cross-sectional survey in three Japanese clinics cholesterol test device zetia 10 mg discount. Effects of traditional SinoJapanese herbal medicines on aqueous flare elevation after small-incision cataract surgery cholesterol levels eating before test effective 10mg zetia. Antitussive effect of bakumondoto a fixed kampo medicine (six herbal components) for treatment of post-infectious prolonged cough: controlled clinical pilot study with 19 patients cholesterol particle size chart discount 10 mg zetia fast delivery. Antitussive principles of Glycyrrhizae radix test your cholesterol at home order zetia overnight delivery, a main component of the Kampo preparations Bakumondo-to (Mai-men-dong-tang). Interaction of gypsum and the rhizome of Anemarrhena asphodeloides plays an important role in anti-allergic effects of byakkokakeishito in mice. Pharmacokinetic profile of phytoconstituent(s) isolated from medicinal plants-A comprehensive review. Protective effect of hainosankyuto, a traditional Japanese medicine, on Streptococcus pyogenes infection in murine model. Clinical evaluation of kampo medication, mainly with wen-pi-tang, on the progression of chronic renal failure. A pilot study of the multiherb Kampo medicine bakumondoto for cough in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Efficacy of kakkon-to, a traditional herb medicine, in herpes simplex virus type 1 infection in mice. Effect of Kampo extracts on urinary stone formation: an experimental investigation. Bofutsushosan, a Japanese herbal (Kampo) medicine, attenuates progression of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in mice. Historical perspective of traditional indigenous medical practices: the current renaissance and conservation of herbal resources. Pharmacological characteristics of Sho-seiryu-to, an antiallergic Kampo medicine without effects on histamine H1 receptors and muscarinic cholinergic system in the brain. Jumihaidokuto effectively inhibits colon inflammation and apoptosis in mice with acute colitis. Toki-shakuyaku-san, a Japanese kampo medicine, reduces colon inflammation in a mouse model of acute colitis. Inhibitory effects of Japanese herbal medicines sho-saiko-to and juzen-taiho-to on nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in mice. The traditional kampo medicine tokishakuyakusan increases ocular blood flow in healthy subjects. A Kampo formulation: Byakko-ka-ninjin-to (Bai-Hu-Jia-Ren-Sheng-Tang) inhibits IgE-mediated triphasic skin reaction in mice: the role of its constituents in expression of the efficacy. The role of traditional Japanese medicine (Kampo) in the practice of psychosomatic medicine: the usefulness of Kampo in the treatment of the stress-related symptoms of women, especially those with peri-menopausal disorder. Kampo therapy for patients with cancer-the role of kampo medicine in team therapy. Significance of Kampo, Japanese traditional medicine, in the treatment of obesity: basic and clinical evidence. Treatment of the chronic itch of atopic dermatitis using standard drugs and kampo medicines. Protective effect of hochuekkito, a Kampo prescription, against ultraviolet B irradiation-induced skin damage in hairless mice. Traditional Chinese medicine and Kampo: a review from the distant past for the future. Ayurveda is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Globalized and modernized practices derived from Ayurvedic traditions are a type of complementary or alternative medicine. Second, Yunani or Unani is the term for Perso-Arabic traditional medicine as practiced in Mughal India and in the Muslim culture in southern Asia and modern day central Asia. The term is derived from Arabic "Greek," as the Perso-Arabic system of medicine was in turn based on the teachings of the Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen.

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Holbrook and colleagues (2003) found that about 13 of 19 strains collected in the field showed some level of resistance to fipronil cholesterol levels range chart buy cheap zetia 10mg line. However cholesterol medication nz buy 10 mg zetia overnight delivery, when fipronil was fed in baits cholesterol gallstones generic 10 mg zetia free shipping, there was more than enough active ingredient to kill even the most tolerant individuals in their study cholesterol levels percentage buy zetia 10 mg on line. Even though the use of dieldrin in Denmark was discontinued over 30 years ago, resistance to it persists. Kristensen, Hansen & Vagn Jensen (2005) reported four strains collected in the field resistant to dieldrin and cross-resistant to fipronil. Strategies that rotate the use of different insecticides have often been recommended to counteract resistance. Applications of organophosphates may be most effective when used before pyrethroids in a rotational programme. Rotating on each generation and using a third insecticide or mixture of insecticides may be the best strategy to prevent high-level resistance to any one compound. The importance of developing effective rotational schemes diminished with the advent of baits in control programmes. However, the appearance of the cross-resistance to fipronil and behavioral resistance to baits has made this an important topic again. The most promising parasitoids are the cockroach wasp (Aprostocetus hagenowii), against Periplaneta spp. Some transitory predator wasps (family Evaniidae), such as the emerald cockroach wasp (Ampulex compressa) are difficult to rear, and their large size probably makes them unacceptable candidates in indoor settings. Thoms & Robinson (1987a) reported that 60% of the homeowners killed the evaniid parasitoid Prosevania punctata when they encountered it. Outdoor releases may be more appropriate for the evaniid parasitoids, because of their size and wasp-like behaviour (Lebeck, 1991). None of the oothecae placed inside the structure and observed was parasitized, even though adult P. In the study, about 51% of oothecae recovered from outdoor sites were parasitized, 15% by P. Thoms and Robinson postulated that the cockroach wasp may be more efficient because the development time is 24­64 days, compared with 37­337 days for P. Also, about 30­93 adult cockroach wasps emerge per ootheca compared with 1 adult for P. In another study, releases of cockroach wasps in sewers did not become established or provide control of American cockroaches (Reierson et al. In an insect rearing facility, Coler, Van Driesche & Elkinton (1984) reported increased parasitism by C. Initially cockroach populations were low, and cockroaches were added to increase populations, resulting in 70­90% parasitism of oothecae. For studies of low-level populations of brownbanded cockroaches, augmentation may be necessary. In follow-up studies, Hechmer & Van Driesche (1996) reported that two populations of the parasitoid C. Even though some reviews suggest that fungi and nematodes may be promising biological control agents (Suiter, 1997), desiccation, spore viability and avoidance of bait stations have been a problem. Koehler, Patterson & Martin (1992) found that the time required to kill 50% of the cockroaches exposed to Steinernema carpocapsae nematodes was related inversely to the moisture of their preferred habitats. Nematodes, however, require moisture and the delivery of viable nematodes in relatively dry habitats of German and brownbanded cockroaches is problematic. Behavioural resistance Even though numerous studies have shown the existence of physiological insecticide resistance in cockroaches, there have been few examples of behavioral resistance. In one such example, a strain of German cockroach was shown to have an aversion to feeding on glucose in the diet and, consequently, did not consume toxic baits containing glucose (Silverman & Bieman, 1993). Subsequently, strains collected in the field in the Republic of Korea and the United States were also shown to have this glucose aversion (Silverman & Ross, 1994). These studies suggest that the rotation of baits with different active ingredients will not be enough to prevent reduced performance. It will be necessary to also monitor food preferences and make necessary changes to prevent avoidance. The use of biological predators is especially attractive in sensitive situations where insecticide applications may be inappropriate, such as animal rearing facilities, zoos, sewers, and greenhouses.

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It is not a wild exaggeration to say that July 626 could have been May 1453 cholesterol levels gpnotebook cheap zetia 10mg with mastercard, as the beleaguered defenders of Constantinople awaited the end cholesterol levels normal range mmol/l buy generic zetia line. The solution devised by Herakleios combined diplomacy and subversion (within both enemy camps) with a high-risk cholesterol levels chart age buy zetia 10 mg low cost, relational maneuver on a theater-wide scale-an historical rarity in itself cholesterol of 209 purchase zetia 10 mg mastercard. What was "relational" about it, and very profitably too, was that successive seasonal raids by Herakleios had habituated Khusrau and his advisors to expect bold, deep, but ultimately inconclusive raids that would last a few months till winter, and would leave the strategic situation unchanged. Yes, the damage was sometimes painful, as with the destruction of the Zoroastrian temple at Takht-I-Suleiman, a real blow to the prestige of Khusrau and his dynasty. It claimed priestly authority-it was named after Sasan or Sassan, great priest of the Temple of Anahita and grandfather of Ardashir the founder-and its rulers were consecrate before that same "royal" fire of Adur Gushnasp. But Khusrau evidently decided that even very damaging raids did not justify the cost of the only fully reliable remedy, which was to withdraw Sasanian forces from the newly conquered lands of Syria and Egypt, to instead guard the old borders of the empire and its core territory in Mesopotamia. In essence, in the crucial year 627 the Sasanians did not withdraw from the west because they were sure that once his raiding was done, Herakleios would again withdraw from the east. He did not, and the result was the end of a dynasty and an empire that had endured over four centuries. What happened next was the loss of the Levant, Egypt, and eventually North Africa to the Muslim conquest, but that scarcely nullified the epic victory of Herakleios, because it was the empire itself that Khusrau had wanted, and had claimed as the avenger of his benefactor Maurikios, and not just the lands lost and regained only to be lost again. As the empire entered its most miserable years, in the gloom there still shined the bright memory of what had been accomplished by the expeditionary army of Herakleios. For that we have the testimony of our major source, Theophanes, who died in 818: it is evident from his prose that the memory of those glorious events had remained undimmed by the passage of two centuries. Conclusion: Grand Strategy and the Byzantine "Operational Code" All states have a grand strategy, whether they know it or not. That is inevitable because grand strategy is simply the level at which knowledge and persuasion, or in modern terms intelligence and diplomacy, interact with military strength to determine outcomes in a world of other states, with their own "grand strategies. There is coherence and effectiveness when persuasion and force are each well guided by accurate intelligence, and then combine synergistically to generate maximum power from the available resources. More often, perhaps, there is incoherence so that the fruits of persuasion are undone by misguided force, or the hard-won results of force are spoiled by clumsy diplomacy that antagonizes neutrals, emboldens enemies, and disheartens allies. The Byzantines had no central planning staffs to produce documents in the modern manner, including the recent innovation of formal statements of "national strategy" that attempt to define "interests," the means to protect and enhance them, and the alignment of the two in rational or at least rationalized terms. The Byzantines never called it that-even "strategy" is only a Greek-sounding word not used by ancient or Byzantine Greeks. But they assuredly had a grand strategy, even if it was never stated explicitly-that is a very modern and indeed rather dubious habit-but certainly it was applied so repetitively that one may even extract a Byzantine "operational code. Identity the Byzantine ruling elite faced the outside world and its unending dangers with a strategic advantage that was neither diplomatic nor military but instead psychological: the powerful moral reassurance of a triple identity that was more intensely Christian than most modern minds can easily imagine, and specifically Chalcedonian in doctrine; Hellenic in its culture, joyously possessing pagan Homer, agnostic Thucydides, and irreverent poets-though Hellene was a word long avoided, for it meant pagan; and proudly Roman as the Romaioi, the living Romans, not without justification for Roman institutions long endured, at least symbolically. To begin with, the speakers of Western Aramaic and Coptic, who accounted for most of the population of Syria and Egypt, including the Jews in their land and beyond it, did not partake in the Hellenic culture-except for their own secular elites, which were organically part of the Byzantine regime and were indeed often attacked by nativists as "Hellenizers. Moreover, the zone that rejected Hellenism, as it had rejected the Roman habit of bathing as too sensual, also rejected the excessively intellectual Chalcedonian definition of the dual nature of Christ, both human and divine, insisting on the more purely monotheistic conception of the single, divine nature of Christ. That is the Monophysite creed still upheld by the Christians of the Coptic churches of Egypt and Syria, the Orthodox churches of Ethiopia and Eritrea, the Jacobite and Malankara Orthodox churches of India, and in much more nuanced fashion by the Armenian Orthodox Apostolic Church. In these ecumenical days, Orthodox Christians are no longer deeply committed to their sides of the Chalcedonian dispute, but the Byzantine empire of the sixth and seventh centuries was dangerously divided by the Chalcedonian persecution on one side and, on the other, Map 13. The empire in 565, 1025, and 1360 412 Conclusion by Monophysite vehemence, which rejected all imperial attempts at doctrinal compromise, notably the monoenergism and monotheletism of Herakleios. The Muslim conquest saved the empire from these deep divisions by cutting away its most vehement dissidents. It was by no means linguistically homogeneous even after that-there were many Armenian-speakers in the east, and many Slav-speakers in the west, while in between there long survived autochthonous languages, such as the Thracian, or Bessic, spoken within sight of the Theodosian Wall and recorded among monks within them. But none of that interfered with participation in the Hellenic culture for those who wanted it, and a different original language comported none of the divisiveness of the doctrinal fracture. It might be said, therefore, that the loss of Syria and Egypt, unlike Latinspeaking and Chalcedonian North Africa, was a mixed curse for the empire: it brought the blessing of religious harmony, and increased cultural unity. The Muslim onslaught found a very large but disunited empire that might have disintegrated entirely, given a little more bad luck, and left a smaller, much poorer, but more united empire hardened to successfully withstand six centuries of wars. Deterrence unveiled for all to see the paradoxical logic of strategy with its apparent contradictions, turning the "back-stretched" connection that unites opposites into a commonplace, except for those incurable innocents who fail to see that safety could be the sturdy child of terror. With that, Herakleitos, the first Western strategic thinker ("War is the father of all and king of all and so he renders some gods, others men, he makes some slaves, others free"4), was finally vindicated, though long before him many a cunning fighter had won by instinctively applying the paradoxical logic to surprise his enemy, a thing possible only when the better ways of fighting, hence the expected ways, are deliberately renounced.

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Tes t Intera cti ons Decrea s ed effect: Spi ronol a ctone what causes cholesterol in eggs order 10mg zetia overnight delivery, hydrocorti s one cholesterol home test kit purchase zetia without prescription, corti s one cholesterol test fasting results 10 mg zetia otc, etomi da the Reference Ra ngeNorma l ba s el i ne corti s ol; i ncrea s e i n s erum corti s ol a fter cos yntropi n i njecti on of >7 mcg/dL or pea k res pons e >18 mcg/dL; pl a s ma corti s ol concentra ti ons s houl d be mea s ured i mmedi a tel y before a nd exa ctl y 30 mi nutes a fter a dos e Dos a ge Forms Exci pi ent i nforma ti on pres ented when a va i l a bl e (l i mi ted cholesterol exercise discount zetia 10mg with visa, pa rti cul a rl y for generi cs); cons ul t s peci fi c product l a bel i ng. Pa ti ent s houl d not recei ve corti cos teroi ds or s pi ronol a ctone the da y pri or a nd the da y of the tes t. Denta l Hea l th: Effects on Denta l Trea tmentNo s i gni fi ca nt effects or compl i ca ti ons reported Denta l Hea l th: Va s ocons tri ctor/Loca l Anes theti c Preca uti ons No i nforma ti on a va i l a bl e to requi re s peci a l preca uti ons Menta l Hea l th: Effects on Menta l Sta tus None reported Menta l Hea l th: Effects on Ps ychi a tri c Trea tmentBa rbi tura tes ma y decrea s e the l evel s of cos yntropi n Anes thes i a a nd Cri ti ca l Ca re Concerns /Other Cons i dera ti ons Septic Shock: A recent ra ndomi zed, doubl e-bl i nd, pl a cebo-control l ed tri a l a s s es s ed whether l ow-dos e corti cos teroi d a dmi ni s tra ti on coul d i mprove 28-da y s urvi va l i n pa ti ents wi th s epti c s hock a nd rel a ti ve a drena l i ns uffi ci ency. Corti s ol l evel s were dra wn i mmedi a tel y before corti cotropi n a dmi ni s tra ti on a nd 30-60 mi nutes a fterwa rds. Note: Not effecti ve for i mmedi a the rel i ef of s ymptoms i n a cute a s thma ti c a tta cks; mus t be us ed a t regul a r i nterva l s for 2-4 weeks to be effecti ve. Nebulization solution: Ini ti a l: 20 mg 4 ti mes /da y; us ua l dos e: 20 mg 3-4 ti mes /da y Metered spray: Ini ti a l: 2 i nha l a ti ons 4 ti mes /da y; us ua l dos e: 2-4 i nha l a ti ons 3-4 ti mes /da y Prophylaxis of bronchospasm (allergen- or exercise-induced): Note: Admi ni s ter 10-15 mi nutes pri or to exerci s e or a l l ergen expos ure but no l onger tha n 1 hour before: Nebulization solution: Si ngl e dos e of 20 mg Metered spray: Si ngl e dos e of 2 i nha l a ti ons Conjunctivitis and keratitis: Ophtha l mi c: 1-2 drops i n ea ch eye 4-6 ti mes /da y Mastocytosis: Ora l: 200 mg 4 ti mes /da y; gi ven 1 / 2 hour pri or to mea l s a nd a t bedti me. If control of s ymptoms i s not s een wi thi n 2-3 weeks, dos e ma y be i ncrea s ed to a ma xi mum 40 mg/kg/da y Food allergy and inflammatory bowel disease (unlabeled use): Ora l: Ini ti a l dos e: 200 mg 4 ti mes /da y; ma y doubl e the dos e i f effect i s not s a ti s fa ctory wi thi n 2-3 weeks; up to 400 mg 4 ti mes /da y Dos i ng: El derl yRefer to a dul t dos i ng. Dos i ng: Pedi a tri c Allergic rhinitis (treatment and prophylaxis): Na s a l: Chi l dren 2 yea rs: Refer to a dul t dos i ng. Asthma: Inha l a ti on: Note: For chroni c control of a s thma, ta per frequency to the l owes t effecti ve dos e (i e, 4 ti mes /da y to 3 ti mes /da y to twi ce da i l y): Nebulization solution: Chi l dren >2 yea rs: Ini ti a l: 20 mg 4 ti mes /da y; us ua l dos e: 20 mg 3-4 ti mes /da y Metered spray: Chi l dren 5-12 yea rs: Ini ti a l: 2 i nha l a ti ons 4 ti mes /da y; us ua l dos e: 1-2 i nha l a ti ons 3-4 ti mes /da y Chi l dren 12 yea rs: Refer to a dul t dos i ng. Prevention of allergen- or exercise-induced bronchospasm: Note: Admi ni s ter 10-15 mi nutes pri or to exerci s e or a l l ergen expos ure but no l onger tha n 1 hour before: Nebulization solution: Chi l dren >2 yea rs: Refer to a dul t dos i ng. Metered spray: Chi l dren >5 yea rs: Si ngl e dos e of 2 i nha l a ti ons Systemic mastocytosis: Ora l: Chi l dren 2-12 yea rs: 100 mg 4 ti mes /da y; not to exceed 40 mg/kg/da y; gi ven 1 / 2 hour pri or to mea l s a nd a t bedti me Chi l dren >12 yea rs: Refer to a dul t dos i ng. Food allergy and inflammatory bowel disease (unlabeled use): Ora l: Chi l dren <2 yea rs: Not recommended Chi l dren 2-12 yea rs: Ini ti a l dos e: 100 mg 4 ti mes /da y; ma y doubl e the dos e i f effect i s not s a ti s fa ctory wi thi n 2-3 weeks; not to exceed 40 mg/kg/da y Chi l dren >12 yea rs: Refer to a dul t dos i ng. Note: Once des i red effect i s a chi eved, dos e ma y be ta pered to l owes t effecti ve dos e Dos i ng: Rena l Impa i rmentSpeci fi c gui del i nes not a va i l a bl e; cons i der l ower dos e of ora l product. Dos i ng: Hepa ti c Impa i rmentSpeci fi c gui del i nes not a va i l a bl e; cons i der l ower dos e of ora l product. Admi ni s tra ti on: Ora l Ora l s ol uti on: Open a mpul a nd s queeze contents i nto gl a s s of wa ter; s ti r wel l. Admi ni s tra ti on: Inha l a ti onOra l i nha l a ti on: Sha ke ca ni s ter gentl y before us e; do not i mmers e ca ni s ter i n wa ter. Admi ni s tra ti on: OtherNa s a l i nha l a ti on: Cl ea r na s a l pa s s a ges by bl owi ng nos e pri or to us. Di eta ry Cons i dera ti ons Ora l: Shoul d be ta ken a t l ea s t 30 mi nutes before mea l s. Stora geStore a t room tempera ture of 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F); protect from l i ght. Do not us e ora l s ol uti on i f s ol uti on becomes di s col ored or forms a preci pi ta te. Compa ti bi l i tyNebul i zer s ol uti on i s compatible wi th meta proterenol s ul fa te, i s oproterenol hydrochl ori de, 0. Contra i ndi ca ti ons Hypers ens i ti vi ty to cromol yn or a ny component of the formul a ti on; a cute a s thma a tta cks Wa rni ngs /Preca uti ons Concerns related to adverse effects: Ana phyl a xi s: Severe a na phyl a cti c rea cti ons ma y occur ra rel y Disease-related concerns: Ca rdi ova s cul a r di s ea s e: Us e wi th ca uti on i n pa ti ents wi th a hi s tory of ca rdi a c a rrhythmi a s. Dosage form specific issues: Ophtha l mi c: Tra ns i ent burni ng or s ti ngi ng ma y occur wi th ophtha l mi c us. Other warnings/precautions: Appropri a the us e: Prophyl a cti c drug wi th no benefi t for a cute s i tua ti ons. Geri a tri c Cons i dera ti ons El derl y often ha ve di ffi cul ty wi th i nha l ed a nd ophtha l mi c dos a ge forms. Pregna ncy Ri s k Fa ctorB Pregna ncy Cons i dera ti ons No da ta a va i l a bl e on whether cromol yn cros s es the pl a centa or cl i ni ca l effects on the fetus. La cta ti onExcreti on i n brea s t mi l k unknown/us e ca uti on Brea s t-Feedi ng Cons i dera ti ons No da ta a va i l a bl e on whether cromol yn enters i nto brea s t mi l k or cl i ni ca l effects on the i nfa nt. Advers e Rea cti ons Inhalation: >10%: Ga s troi ntes ti na l: Unpl ea s a nt ta s the i n mouth Nasal: >10%: Res pi ra tory: Increa s e i n s neezi ng, burni ng, s ti ngi ng, or i rri ta ti on i ns i de of nos e 1% to 10%: Centra l nervous s ys tem: Hea da che Ga s troi ntes ti na l: Unpl ea s a nt ta s the Res pi ra tory: Hoa rs enes s, cough, pos tna s a l dri p <1% (Li mi ted to i mporta nt or l i fe-threa teni ng): Ana phyl a cti c rea cti ons, epi s ta xi s Ophthalmic: Frequency not defi ned: Ocul a r: Conjuncti va l i njecti on, drynes s a round the eye, edema, eye i rri ta ti on, i mmedi a the hypers ens i ti vi ty rea cti ons, i tchy eyes, puffy eyes, s tyes, ra s h, wa tery eyes Res pi ra tory: Dys pnea Systemic: Frequency not defi ned: Ca rdi ova s cul a r: Angi oedema, ches t pa i n, edema, fl us hi ng, pa l pi ta ti on, prema ture ventri cul a r contra cti ons, ta chyca rdi a Centra l nervous s ys tem: Anxi ety, beha vi or cha nges, convul s i ons, depres s i on, di zzi nes s, fa ti gue, ha l l uci na ti ons, hea da che, i rri ta bi l i ty, i ns omni a, l etha rgy, mi gra i ne, nervous nes s, hypoes thes i a, pos tpra ndi a l l i ghthea dednes s, ps ychos i s Derma tol ogi c: Erythema, photos ens i ti vi ty, pruri tus, purpura, ra s h, urti ca ri a Ga s troi ntes ti na l: Abdomi na l pa i n, cons ti pa ti on, di a rrhea, dys peps i a, dys pha gi a, es opha gos pa s m, fl a tul ence, gl os s i ti s, na us ea, s toma ti ti s, unpl ea s a nt ta s te, vomi ti ng Geni touri na ry: Dys uri a, uri na ry frequency Hema tol ogi c: Neutropeni a, pa ncytopeni a, pol ycythemi a Hepa ti c: Li ver functi on tes t a bnorma l Loca l: Burni ng Neuromus cul a r & s kel eta l: Arthra l gi a, l eg s ti ffnes s, l eg wea knes s, mya l gi a, pa res thes i a Oti c: Ti nni tus Res pi ra tory: Dys pnea, pha ryngi ti s Mi s cel l a neous: Lupus erythema tos us Drug Intera cti ons There a re no known s i gni fi ca nt i ntera cti ons. Moni tori ng Pa ra meters Peri odi c pul mona ry functi on tes ts Nurs i ng: Phys i ca l As s es s ment/Moni tori ngThi s i s prophyl a cti c thera py, not to be us ed for a cute s i tua ti ons. As s es s res ul ts of l a bora tory tes ts (l ong-term us e) a nd a dvers e rea cti ons. Moni tori ng: La b Tes ts Peri odi c pul mona ry functi on Pa ti ent Educa ti onOra l: Us e a s di rected; do not i ncrea s e dos a ge or di s conti nue a bruptl y wi thout cons ul ti ng pres cri ber. You ma y experi ence di zzi nes s or nervous nes s (us e ca uti on when dri vi ng or enga gi ng i n ta s ks requi ri ng a l ertnes s unti l res pons e to drug i s known); di a rrhea (boi l ed mi l k, yogurt, or buttermi l k ma y hel p); or hea da che or mus cl e pa i n (mi l d a na l ges i c ma y offer rel i ef).

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