Successful completion of Faculty training for the first two batches in NSU


Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has started a series of training programs for faculty members of NSU. The training for the first two batches took place on 22 February, 01 March, 08 March and 15 March, 2018 respectively at the Faculty Lounge. A total number of thirty seven faculty members from various departments of NSU attended this intensive training program. The faculty training comprised of 4 modules including: Effective Communication and Delivery, Student Psychology and Academic Fusion, Time Management and Personality Trait Analysis and Stress Management.

On the first day of the training, Mr. Ashfaq Zaman, President, Leadership, Excellence & Development (LEAD), discussed on communication & its impact on delivery, effective delivery strategies, making better presentation to improve student retention, integrating art of storytelling in class presentations etc. The 2nd module of the training was facilitated by Dr. Asif Zaman, Adjunct Associate Professor of Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, NSU. In his presentation, he highlighted benefits and importance of Time Management, Pareto’s principle, tracking daily activities, the 80/20 Rule and Delegation. He also shared tools and techniques of effective time management.

On the 3rd day, Mr. Yahia Md. Amin, CEO, LEAD emphasized on cognitive behavior therapy, depression, types of anxiety and panic cycle. Dr. Abdur Rob Khan, Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, NSU shared his experiences and talked about innovative approaches towards education.  On the 4th and final day, Mr. Yahia Md. Amin, spoke about personality trait analysis through MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator). Dr. Munmun Jahan, a prominent psychiatrist, also joined as a facilitator and particularly talked about various ways to manage stress in workplace and at home.

All the sessions were interactive and the participants enjoyed and learned a lot throughout the training programs. They thanked IQAC for organizing this type of training and suggested to arrange similar trainings in future. IQAC has already started faculty training for the third batch. Currently, IQAC is offering the training courses to Lecturers and Senior Lecturers only. Eventually IQAC plans to invite all faculty members to the training in the next few months.