Training on ‘Introduction to Outcome-based Education & Bloom’s Taxonomy’


A half-day training program was organized by IQAC on ‘Introduction to Outcome-based Education & Bloom’s Taxonomy’ for faculty members of SHLS on Tuesday, 12 March 2019 at the Faculty Lounge of North South University. Prof. Dr. Nazmun Nahar, Director, IQAC and Dr. Mohammad Sahadet Hossain, Coordinator (Professional Development), IQAC, NSU facilitated the training session.

The training program was attended by faculty members of Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Public Health, Environmental Science and Management and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The training began with a welcome address by Dr. Ahmed Tazmeen, Coordinator (Centre for Learning & Teaching), IQAC. In his talk, he briefly discussed the importance of and need for outcome based education (OBE) and Bloom’s taxonomy. Dr. Mohammad Sahadet Hossain, in his presentation, discussed Bloom’s taxonomy, the domains of learning and student assessment in detail. Dr. Nazmun Nahar, in her presentation, talked about the components of OBE, program educational objectives, program outcomes and course outcomes. Overall, it was an interactive session and the participants found the training fruitful. IQAC plans to hold similar training for the faculty members of other three schools in the near future.