Webinar on: “Role of IQAC in ensuring quality of education in the current pandemic situation”


IQAC at North South University (NSU) organized a webinar on “Role of IQAC in ensuring quality of education in the current pandemic situation” on Saturday, 22 August, 2020. The session ran for one and half hours whereby IQAC Directors from different renowned public and private universities of Bangladesh participated. The primary objective of the webinar was to get all IQAC Directors together in one place and to find out what IQAC is doing in this current pandemic situation to ensure the quality of education. The webinar began with a welcome address by Prof. Dr. Nazmun Nahar, Director, IQAC, NSU. Pro Vice-Chancellor of NSU, Prof. Md. Ismail Hossain, was present as the chief guest in the webinar. In his piece of talk, he appreciated IQAC, NSU team to organize this type of webinar and acknowledged all IQAC leaders from different universities who are trying persistently to improve academic experiences in those universities. He also discussed major challenges of online classes and strategies NSU took to overcome those challenges. Dr. Sultan Mahmud Bhuiyan, Director, Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance Division of UGC, Bangladesh was present as Special guest in the webinar. He highlighted the importance of maintaining quality of education in this pandemic situation and advised all the IQAC Directors to arrange seminars, workshops or webinars on improving the tools and techniques of online teaching and learning. There were six panelists from different private and public universities of Bangladesh, who also shared their IQAC experiences during this pandemic situation. There was a question answer session towards the end of the webinar. IQAC plans to hold similar webinars in future.