Mastering Effective Communication


A two day-long training program was organized by IQAC and LEAD on “‘Mastering Effective Communication’” for Administrative Staffs on 16 & 23 February, 2017 at the Faculty Lounge of North South University.

A total number of thirty participants from various administrative departments of NSU were selected for this intensive training program. An external training organization, called Leadership Excellence & Development (LEAD) was invited to conduct the training. On the first day of the training, Mr. Ashfaq Zaman, President, LEAD discussed importance of communication, matters & inspiring factors in communication, public speaking skills, presentation skills, and business meetings whereas, Mr. Anwar Ehtesham, FVP & Head of Communications & Branding, Dhaka Bank Ltd. spoke about personal branding, business communications and behavioral leadership.

On the second day of the training, Dr. Mekhala Sarkar, a prominent psychiatrist and communication behavior specialist, talked about student psychology and the ways of communicating with learners of various needs while Mr. Yahia Mohd. Amin, CEO, LEAD and Mr. Kazi Md. Shafiqur Rahman, acting Executive Director, Dhaka Chamber Business Institute (DBI) discussed barriers in communication and service management respectively.

The sessions were interactive and the participants enjoyed and learned a lot throughout the training program. They thanked IQAC for organizing this type of training and further suggested to arrange similar trainings in future. Certificates were distributed among participants towards the end of the training program by LEAD.