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Living in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a warm, hospitable country known for its lush greenery, numerous water streams, and vibrancy of cultural exhibitions. However, due to the language barrier, many international students may face difficulty understanding the practices and lifestyles of Bangladeshis. Therefore, we suggest international students to learn basics of Bangla language to avoid any miscommunication. The OEA is in the process of creating an introductory Bangla Language program where students can learn Bangla language to communicate effectively.


NSU is in the process of creating dormitories for international students. For the time being, international students can rent flats, houses or rooms in hostels for accommodation. The services vary from place to place. Therefore, we advise the students to review the house carefully and see whether your required facilities are available and within your budget.


Dhaka city is one of the most crowded cities in the world. So, the international students should be aware of the transport system and services. Rickshaw is an integral part of Dhaka city. It is impossible for you to live in Dhaka and not ride a rickshaw. The fares for rickshaw rides are cheaper than most other transportations. However, there is no fixed fare rate for rickshaws. Thus, before going to the particular destination, it would be wiser to research on the fares before taking any transportation to avoid swindling. Buses are another cheaper source of traveling. CNGs are comparative costlier but faster than buses and rickshaws. However, private CNGs do no follow the meter for the travel fare. They can demand an amount desirable to them. There are also other forms of transportation like Uber and Pathao available. However, those are comparatively costlier than all the other forms of transport.


In Bashundhara there are many food shops and convenient stores. From there, international students can easily buy prepared or raw materials of food. One does not need to go far to purchase daily day food.


For medical support, view Safety & Emergency section from the website.