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  • How do I contact the OAA?

Ans: The Alumni Affairs Officer is in charge of the Office of Alumni Affairs. The Alumni Affairs Officer keeps all the records of the alumni and contacts them for various purposes. To contact the OAA, call directly at 02-55668200, Ext 1064 or email the Alumni Affairs Officer at To come in person, come directly to the OEA located on level #5, Administrative Building, NSU and ask the Coordination Officer for the Alumni Affairs Officer.

  • How to contact the Director of the OEA? 

Ans: To make an appointment with the Director, call the Coordination Officer at 02-55668200; Ext 6025 or email the Coordination Officer at State the purpose of the meeting and ask for an appointment from the Coordination Officer. To come in person, go to the OEA located at level #5, Administrative Building, and NSU and ask for the Coordination Officer. Then, the Coordination Officer can provide the information one requires. To contact the Director directly, call 02-55668200; Ext 1075 or send an e-mail to

  • How can alumni enter NSU?

Ans: Check ‘Arranging Entry Passes’ under the ‘Services of OAA’.

  • How can an event be arranged at NSU?

Ans: Check ‘Arranging Alumni Events’ under the ‘Services of OAA’.

  • How can an alumnus/alumna become a registered member with the NSU Alumni Association?

Ans: Check ‘Registering as Alumni’ under the ‘Alumni’ tab of the OAA webpage.

  • What benefits are provided for the alumni?

Ans: Check the ‘Services of OAA’ to learn more about the benefits provided to the alumni.