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MOUs with NGOs/INGOs

In October 2020 North South University’s Office of External Affairs (OEA) started building a network of government-registered national NGOs and International NGOs for potential research collaboration, joint publications, training programs, and internship opportunities for students.

One of the things that attract researchers to come to Bangladesh is the opportunity to work with NGOs. NSU can provide this opportunity for research work in Bangladesh through its NGO network — whether it be for students working on their these or already established researchers from different fields. Bangladesh is a fascinating place for research work considering its rapid development and progress toward reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

The following is a current list of national NGO/INGO MOUs established with NSU. This list was last updated on June 04, 2024.

Serial No.LogoPartner NGO/INGOsCoordinating UnitTerm EndView
1Shornokishoree Network FoundationNSU10 Jun 2022View Agreement
2ICDDR,BPBH31 Dec 2022View Agreement
3WaterAid BangladeshNSU31 Oct 2023View Agreement
4SNAD Foundation BangladeshNSU05 Jan 2026View Agreement
5Health Management BD Foundation (HMBD)NSU31 Jan 2026View Agreement
6Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development (BASD)NSU16 Feb 2026View Agreement
7Light HousePBH12 Oct 2026View Agreement
8Center for Services and Information on Disability (CSID)PBH20 Nov 2026View Agreement
9Centre for Women and Children Studies (CWCS)SHSS03 Jan 2027View Agreement
10Tauri FoundationSHLS04 Apr 2027View Agreement
11Badabon SanghoPSS06 Apr 2027View Agreement
12Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society (LEDARS)DESM12 Jun 2027View Agreement
13OBAT Helpers Inc.GHI06 Dec 2026View Agreement
14SAJIDA FoundationNSUSN17 May 2023View Agreement
15CSR CentreNSU08 Sep 2024View Agreement
16Arannayk FoundationDESM18 Sep 2027View Agreement
17Gram Unnayan Karma (GUK)ECO29 Oct 2027View Agreement
18Nature Conservation Management (NACOM)ESM18 Jul 2028View Agreement
19Infertility Care & Research Centre Ltd (ICRC)GHI11 Oct 2027View Agreement
20Institute of Water Modelling (IWM)SEPS30 Nov 2026View Agreement
21Innovision Consulting Private Ltd.ECO26 Dec 2025View Agreement
22Projahnmo Research FoundationSHLS31 Dec 2027View Agreement
23Hypertension & Research Center, Rangpur (H&RC)NSU
18 Feb 2025
View Agreement
24ProshikaSBE04 Mar 2028View Agreement
25Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR) TrustSIPG
16 Apr 2028
View Agreement
26Institute for Inclusive Finance and Development (InM)ACT&FIN18 Jun 2028View Agreement
27PADAKHEPECO19 Aug 2028View Agreement
28Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF)ECE20 Aug 2028View Agreement
29UttaranDESM23 Aug 2028View Agreement
30Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD)NSU03 Sep 2025View Agreement
31SOS Children’s Village InternationalPBH22 Oct 2028View Agreement
32Peace for PeopleCPS19 Feb 2029View Agreement
33Shakti FoundationNSU20 Mar 2026View Agreement
34Awaj FoundationPSS20 Apr 2029View Agreement
35Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB)DEML23 April 2029View Agreement
36Caritas BangladeshECO02 Jun 2029View Agreement