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Communicating with SB Police

The OIA always cooperates with the Special Branch Police (SBP) regarding international students. Any information required by the SBP is submitted instantaneously so that the international students can reside in this country legally. Each semester, the SBP requires the following information which the International Affairs Officer provides:

  1. Name of the new international student
  2. Nationality
  3. Date of entry into Bangladesh
  4. Present addresses of the international student
  5. Passport number
  6. Passport validity
  7.  Visa type and validity
  8. Purpose of stay
  9. Name of the institution’
  10. Remarks

The requirements of the SBP Office are subject to change. Therefore, the International Affairs Officer aids the SBP Office to smoothen the verification process. Due to the language barrier, the International Affairs Officer also acts as an interpreter to bridge the communication gap between international students and the SBP in various situations.